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Tips for Photographing Professional Wedding Albums

Zook Book with Splash Cameo

When visiting a photographer’s website, clients will come across tons of gorgeous imagery. However, what is often missing from the website are images of the finished printed products like professional wedding albums, framed wall art, and museum-quality canvases. How will clients know what you offer if you don’t show them? Of course, these items are listed in packages, but visuals are so much more interesting! Here are some tips for photographing professional wedding albums for your website and social media.

Photographers who specialize in several subject matters will often segment their galleries into categories like portraits, maternity, newborns, and weddings. Adding a products page and featuring stunning images of your finished work will add value to your brand. So round up your sample albums and let get started!


The Setting

Photographing wedding albums on a clean white background is great for a catalog-type look. We’ll talk about that in just a bit, but first, let’s get the creative juices flowing and come up with some imagery that’s more storytelling. 

Photograph albums in their new home. Create interior “sets” in your studio or home to photograph the albums in a living space. For example, most clients will keep their wedding album in a family room or living room, so create that feel. An album photographed on the coffee table, with a small plant or candle is like saying to the viewer that a professional wedding album belongs in your home.


Professional Wedding Albums, Tips for Photographing Professional Wedding Albums
Coordinating brand colors with decor can make an impactful image, like this Lustre Book with Splash cameo in a home setting.


Create a flat lay. Showcase the mementos and keepsakes from a wedding day along with the album. This might take a little curating to gather the items, but it’s worth it.  Compose a shot with a wedding album, the invitation, dried flowers, and handwritten vows, and you’ll really drive home the importance of this incredible keepsake.


Go outside. If you’ve got a client album or studio sample that features great scenery, photograph the album against the lushness of a garden. With sunlight spilling through the tree leaves and pops of floral colors, an artistically composed photo signifies that this album is its own special work of art.


The Details. 

There are a lot of adjectives that can be used to describe the details of the handcrafted wedding album. Sometimes it all gets too clinical and visuals can help describe what words can’t. Create a shot list based on the features and attributes of each album’s style. This will give you a plan on what to focus on. 

The classic catalog photo. A 10 x 10 Lustre Book with an acrylic cover set against the neutral background, tipped slightly towards the camera is a perfect way to capture the reflectiveness and depth of its cover. Creating simple straightforward imagery of different album styles will help customers compare product options. 

Highlight the pages. Showing variations of page thickness with side-by-side album comparisons. You can also photograph a coin against the page edge to show scale. 

So that couples understand the difference between a Lustre Book and a Zook Book, focus on the shiny gilding and rounded corners of the Zook Book in contrast with the crisp white core of the Lustre Book pages.

Professional Wedding Albums, Tips for Photographing Professional Wedding Albums
This image of the Zook Books sliver gilded pages has the right amount of shimmer to emphasize the special detail.


Show off the spread. Digital wedding album layouts can be super creative. In a flush-mount wedding album, the design can cross the centerfold without interruption. This can allow for a full spread image in a 12 x 12 Zook Book to be 12” x 24”, which is pretty impressive.  

Photograph a variety of different types of layouts and album designs for your website. Many couples are sure what to expect when it comes to their wedding album design and showing them the possibilities makes getting an album more exciting.

 Start your Album Gallery

Make it a goal to set aside time after each album delivery to take a few images. If you’re just getting started with albums, Zookbinders offers 50% off studio samples which is a great way to get physical albums in the hands of your potential customers. Images are wonderful and nothing beats the experience of actually paging through a professional wedding album. Your customers will love it!


These are just a few tips for photographing professional wedding albums.  The images can be used for your website, brochures, and social media posts, and more. Getting creative with environmental pictures can be a great exercise in promoting the look and feel of your brand. Additionally, having great detail shots that can highlight the features of an album will help clarify descriptions in your brochures and collections. So, put those tips and your talents to use, and get photographing!

Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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