Instagram has gone from a place to show off quick (often filtered) snapshots of life to building big business for creative professionals. However, just like Adobe software – you have to keep educating yourself. Don’t just keep up with the competition – speed past them. To do so, here are 5 easy ways to enhance your Instagram.


#1: Add what your ideal client loves to see

Why are HGTV and home improvement shows so popular? It’s all about the reveal! We love to see the mess “before” and then the beautiful “after”. It’s our version of a home fairytale – which is why “behind the scenes” images and video are so trendy on social media.

Show off your own “before and after” in two very fun and popular ways:

Insta V. Reality: In your Instagram stories post a “Reality”/”before” image, and a gorgeous “Insta”/”after” image. Not only does it show off your photography, but also your editing skills! Below is an example from the Instagram Stories of Moira Nolan Photography :


This image is the perfect example of a "after" image for Instagram Stories. "Insta V Reality" is a great way to create engagement with your audience.

An example of an “Insta” or “after” image for your Instagram Story.

This image is the "Reality" or "Before" photo for your Instagram Story.

An example of a”Reality” or “Before” photo for your Instagram Story.











Moira posts all her “Insta V. Reality” is her Instagram Story Highlights (as seen here):

Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Story Highlights


BTS: “Behind the Scenes” is another popular way to showcase your work in a fun way. It’s like telling prospective clients, “Look how much fun you could be having with us!” by showing your personality and style. These are often videos on Instagram Stories, and saved in Story Highlights. Here are some screen-captured images from videos by Moira Nolan Photography.


Examples of Behind the Scenes

Examples of Behind the Scenes



#2: Unboxing Your Products

Whether you post the video to Instagram Stories or use Instagram Reels, it’s a great way to show off your products and get your existing clients excited! For instance, when you receive your Zookbinders album, show off the packaging and reveal the album in a fun video!

Don’t forget to also take a few photos for Instagram Stories and Highlights! A great example is from the Instagram Highlights that Nick Frontiero Photography labeled “Keepsakes” for followers to view his albums and wall art.

A great way to show off your products is in Instagram Stories & Highlights

A great way to show off your products is in Instagram Stories & Highlights

#3: Watch Your 9

According to AdEspresso, there are 500 million active Instagram users – and 2/3 of them are between the ages of 18-29 that check the app at least once a day. This demographic is busy and has a quick attention span – so make sure your top 9 images on your page are amazing! Think of it as a portfolio that can only contain 9 images, and make them great.

Some great examples are the top 9 of portrait photographer L&I.T Photography and wedding & portrait photographer Ginda Photography.

Top 9 images on Instagram by L&I.T Photography

Top 9 images on Instagram by L&I.T Photography

Top 9 Images on the Instagram for Gindaphotography

Top 9 Images on Instagram by Gindaphotography


#4: Varying your Space

A great tip from Grey Garden Creative is to make your feed aesthetically pleasing by varying the space. By switching up the content and angles of each post, you create an interesting and eye-catching top 9.

Grey Garden Creative gives the example of posting a busy group photo one day, then try a simple portrait with a plain background, or a detail photo with lots of negative space the next. “Giving variety + allowing your grid to ‘breathe’ will make it much easier on the eyes,” they explain.

Choose 3-4 colors that are complementary of each other and that represent your personality & brand well, and post images with these hues often. You can see in the top 9 posts for Chugach Peaks Photography. The use of blues, greens, and whites with natural pops of color makes it very aesthetically pleasing. 

Top 9 images on Instagram from Chugach Peaks Photography

Top 9 images on Instagram from Chugach Peaks Photography

#5: Your Bio is your “Hello” to new customers

Most people who go to your Instagram page will be viewing your business for the first time, so you need to make it a great “hello” to new potential followers and customers!

As Timeesha Duncan (Personal Brand Strategist and Instagram Growth Strategist) explains, “Your profile is the FIRST place people look when they land on your page and decide if they’re interested in you (following you and even buying your stuff). It’s the first impression someone gets when they meet you (virtually).”

2 ways to make your bio better:

    1. Make sure your Instagram bio answers the following questions: Who you are, What you do, Why should your ideal audience follow you?


  1.  Add a Call-To-Action (CTA) inside your bio

I hope this helps and brings you success with these 5 easy steps to enhance your Instagram!