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Fitness for Professional Photographers

We want all our professional photographers to stay safe out there and have long lasting success inside and outside of the photography field. Enjoy our edition of Fitness for Professional Photographers!

Have you ever worked a 14 hour day and thought, “ So that’s what it feels like to get hit by a truck?”

If you are an event photographer then you know, you know. A career in photography can be very physical, which is why fitness for professional photographers is a must for a healthy body and mind. We want our professional photographers to stay safe and have long-lasting careers with healthy bodies on and off the photography field. 

Why Fitness is Essential for Professional Photographers

Many people outside of the industry don’t realize how physically taxing a job as a professional photographer can be. Time spent in the field photographing events can be grueling. It’s not uncommon for work days that last more than 12 hours, with much of that time being active. 

Carrying equipment, crouching, running, balancing, interacting with people, and being able to problem solve quickly can take its toll on an individual. Photography is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Here are some fitness tips for photographers to stay healthy, vibrant and ready to move during busy seasons and beyond.

Build Strength

We all know that doing physical activities to build strength is a good thing, but how good? Is it worth going to the gym for hours just to be able to carry a camera around? Maybe there’s more to it than that.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Strength training may enhance your quality of life and improve your ability to do everyday activities. Strength training can also protect your joints from injury.” They go on to say, “Building muscle also can contribute to better balance and may reduce your risk of falls.” Keeping your machine, your body, from breaking down, or falling down seems like a great upside to a work-out.

“To help with stamina and prevent fatigue, do exercises that help strengthen your larger muscle groups. Your core, back, shoulders, and leg muscles provide you with the most strength and balance,” says personal trainer Laura McGovern.

Worried about the time commitment? The American Heart Association recommends that, “Adults do strength training at least twice a week.” That sounds like an easy place to start. Of course, if you are just beginning an exercise program consult your physician.

Walk it Off

Acclimating yourself to being on your feet for hours on end can begin with walking. The CDC recommends getting 10,000 steps a day. That’s easy to do on a wedding day. However, it’s important to build up your endurance. Even if you can’t dedicate time for a 5 mile walk, your steps can add up. Get more time on your feet by parking far away from a store when running errands, taking the stairs when you can, or taking your dog or kids for an extra walk each day.

If you have a long stretch of culling and editing, don’t forget to break it up by adding in walk breaks outside away from the screen. This helps your body, your eyes, and possibly your sanity. 

Big Stretch

Capturing great images for your client’s professional wedding album, means photographing from different angles and vantage points. Bending, stretching, lunging and holding uncomfortable positions will all come back to haunt/hurt you the next day if you are not careful. Stretching can help!

fitness, Fitness for Professional Photographers
Composing images for a wedding album can mean crawling on the ground or carrying equipment up a hill. Your body has to be prepared for anything.

Harvard Health Publishing reported that, “Regular stretching keeps muscles long, lean, and flexible, and this means that exertion won’t put too much force on the muscle itself.” It’s important to warm up a bit before stretching, so take a quick walk around the parking lot, and do some stretches before heading up to the bridal suite.

Be Prepared

Having a pregame plan will contribute to a good physical experience during a very long event day. This means preparing what you will need for a job days in advance, not hours. Scrambling around for equipment, looking up directions, rushing around to get gas and water an hour before the event can lead to trouble. Being frantic and rushing can result in clumsiness and accidents. Stay organized and stay safe.

You can’t photograph a wedding without you, so be sure to take into consideration the things you will need to make your day successful. Your own personal care pack might include Band-Aids, water, Advil, shoe inserts, water, ponytail holders, gum, electrolyte gels, water, mini hairspray, travel mouthwash, water or even a mini fan to wear around your neck when things get heated. 

Did we mention water? Stay hydrated, your body will thank you.

Lights Out

It is a relief when a big event is over,  but there’s also kind of a buzz. Post event excitement is real. With your adrenaline still pumping it can be hard to get to sleep. You want to look at the images, you need to share a sneak peek, you have to edit that hero shot RIGHT NOW! Pump the breaks  – it’s important to try to decompress to get your sleep in order to be functioning the next day.

If you do have back-to-back events, have alarms set, water at the ready and a plan for breakfast. Make a list of anything that you might need for the following day so you’re not thinking about it while you are trying to rest your mind and body. Turn on some white noise, fluff your pillow, turn all your screens off and get some sleep.

It’s a Wrap

Working as a professional photographer can mean hours spent in front of your computer. Culling, editing, sending galleries, and designing albums are all things that are very desk bound.  Be sure to schedule the time during some of the less active moments of your job to continue wellness practices to keep you fit as a photographer.  

fitness, Fitness for Professional Photographers
Let Zookbinders help with your album design so you can get out of the office and get yourself some exercise. Need to climb a glacier for your next wedding? You’ll be ready!

While Zookbinders can’t meet you at yoga class, we CAN help with getting photographers away from their desks and screens by offering help with professional album design services.  

We offer three different design styles that can be customized to fit your brand and your client. With designs available in just a few days, you are available to not sit at your desk! Go do some self-care and stay fit. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Interested in learning more about design services and our curated collection of handcrafted professional wedding albums? Register for your professional  account  today and get  started with Zookbinders!

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