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Sales and Marketing Album Resource Toolkit

Zookbinders helps pro photographers sell albums to past, current, and future clients with our S.M.A.R.T. services. It’s a turn-key solution that takes just 5 minutes to launch. 

Follow these 3 steps:

to sell more albums, and make more money!


Click on EMAIL SCRIPTS, choose your email category and update the pricing


Attach the ALBUM BROCHURE for our Lustre Book


Send to ALL clients that haven’t purchased an album 🙂

Album Brochures

Our sales team has created downloadable album brochures that can be used by any photography studio! You can use the PDF files for a quick & easy printout or email for your customers, or download the PSD files and customize them to your own style.

As pro photographers, a common obstacle with album sales is how to relay to your customers the importance of a high-end album to preserve their memories. However, it can be a daunting task for photographers to create marketing that communicates this in a visually pleasing way, along with using language that makes albums an easy choice for your customer. At Zookbinders, we understand it’s essential to convey how important albums to make the sale, so we did the hard work for you by creating our Album Brochures to easily sell albums to your clients.

sales and marketing, Sales and Marketing Album Resource Toolkit

Email Scripts For Album Sales

Here are some examples of emails scripts that you can copy paste and send to you clients to help sell albums. You may want to edit the verbiage to match your brand and style.

Throughout the client-photographer relationship there are many touch points where photographers can continue to sell to clients without seeming too “sales-y”. These simple email scripts are great to use when sharing our Album Brochures with clients who didn’t get an album, or to help a client who seems to be stuck with the album process.

sales and marketing, Sales and Marketing Album Resource Toolkit

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are a great way to learn – especially if you are a visual person – like most photographers are! Our YouTube channel has product overviews, ordering tutorials, design information and some troubleshooting tips. Check out some top videos below.

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