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Say This, Instead of That, When Talking About Professional Albums

An example of a great image to convey in your marketing what your clients can expect with their professional albums

Every business owner should have their elevator speech ready; a 60-second statement about what they do and how they help their customers. In addition, it’s important to use the right language when discussing the details of the services and products that are provided to clients.  Do your words convey the right meaning? Here are some ideas for swapping out words and phrases to help clarify things. Improve your communications and say this, instead of that, when talking about professional albums and products.


Instead of File, Say Image

You put files in a folder. An image is a visual treat that you can admire.

A selection of photographic images goes into a leather-bound professional wedding album. A bunch of folders go in a file cabinet. (Digitally speaking they go into your downloads where they may never be seen again.)

Instead of Pic or Pictures, Say Photographs

Photographs are made by a thoughtful professional artist with a camera and a lens. The first two are taken with your phone.

“The photographs that are specially curated to go into your wedding album will be preserved for a lifetime.”


Instead of Prints, Say Artwork

An HP Officejet Pro printing on 20 lb. bright white is different from an image on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme Photographic Paper, printed on a Noritsu QSS 3904G. Let’s not confuse the two.

A professional wedding album needs to be produced with specific paper and printing standards. Consumer and professional materials are different, and it shows in the final product.

The best way to illustrate this point, along with saying this (instead of that) when talking about professional wedding albums, is to show studio samples of the albums that you sell.

talking about professional albums, Say This, Instead of That, When Talking About Professional Albums
This spread featured in a Lustre Book sample from Countryside Photography shows the impact of a printed photograph. You can truly say this is a work of art, and similar images should be shown in your marketing to convey how truly special their album will be.

Instead of Retouching, Say Artistic Enhancements

Whether it’s removing sweat stains on the groom’s shirt, or making the MOB 20 lbs. thinner, it’s not magic, it’s work. Editing is included. Artistic enhancement is an add-on.

Giving images that will go into a wedding album a little bit of extra attention is great. However, it’s helpful to set boundaries on editing/retouching expectations.

Instead of Pricing, Say Album Collections

People can find it tedious to price shop and piecemeal together something that suits them. Make it easy and offer collections. Think of all-inclusive vacations. Make it exciting for potential clients to discover everything they get by hiring your services.

Including a custom-designed professional wedding album in all your collections guarantees that every client gets a wedding album, even if it’s just a sweet little 8×8 with 10 spreads. The inclusion of an extra item in a collection adds value to the service and experience that you provide.

Many photographers like an investment as an alternative for pricing. Investment can imply a higher ticket price. Sometimes, it can put people off, even if your pricing is well within the market’s average. Collections usually have a group of goods and services together at a special offer.

talking about professional albums, Say This, Instead of That, When Talking About Professional Albums
Sales are fun for bargain hunters – is that what you are trying to attract to your photography business? Create value in what you offer through albums and services rather than discounts.

Say Special Offer, Instead of Sale or Discount

Mattress stores and car dealerships have sales on government holidays that come with a three-day weekend. Move away from the fight for the last dollar and say special offers.  Special offers invite potential customers to take part in a promotion that will benefit them.

Wedding and event vendors are researched well in advance of their purchase date. This makes promotional sales less impactful.  Connecting with potential buyers about their special celebrations requires some finesse. No one is deciding to tie the knot because the bakery down the street is having a sale on the cake, so no need to slash pricing. Rather, build value in your collections.


Say Purchasing, Instead of Ordering

Amazon takes orders – and even they make suggestions on what else you might like to buy.

Try saying this, “Once you approve your image selection, I’ll help you finalize your purchase.” A little assumptive, but you’re there for it.

If your elevator speech is correct, you help your customers. A purchasing meeting can help answer questions about upgrades and add-ons that clients wouldn’t consider if you weren’t available to discuss all the options. Your expert opinion matters.


Tell the Story by marketing the Final Product

The words you use in your business can elevate or derogate what you’re trying to communicate if they’re not chosen wisely.  Moving away from industry jargon lets you articulate your own descriptions of what you do.  Think about how you would like customers to feel about working with you and the satisfaction they’ll have when they get their final products.

Create your own list of, say this, instead of that, when talking about professional wedding albums and watch potential clients become more interested in what you do. The right words can take couples from, “I get a photo book with my wedding,” to “We get this awesome hand-crafted professional wedding album with a showcase (acrylic) cover! It’s going to be so cool to share this with our kids someday.”

Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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