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Most Popular Professional Bat & Bar Mitzvah Photo Albums

Unique Wedding Albums | Bon A' Vie - Zookbinders

12×12 Bon A’ Vie with Photo Cover

Ultra contemporary Mitzvah Album opens from the inside out
Bar Mitzvah Photo Albums & Bat Mitzvahs Album | Mitzvahs - Zookbinders

12×12 Zook Book with Acrylic Cover

Our signature Bar Mitzvah Album with the most impactful visual imagery
Bar Mitzvah Photo Albums & Bat Mitzvahs Album | Mitzvahs - Zookbinders

10×10 Zook Book with Cameo Cover

Square Bar Mitzvah Albums are the preferred choice of professional photographer
Zookbinders - Leather Spine Cover

10×10 Lustre Book with Leather Spine

One of most popular Bat Mitzvah Albums, features a large image on cover that includes customizable text
Zookbinders - Cameo Cover

12×12 Lustre Book with Cameo Cover

The cover photo is recessed into the leather cover to show off the superior craftsmanship
Zookbinders - Splash Cameo Cover

10×10 Lustre Book with Splash Cameo

2 colors of genuine leather allows for a totally unique cover
Zookbinders - Splash Cameo Cover

10×10 Zook Book with Splash Cameo

This Bar Mitzvah Album has a small photo that is nested inside the middle leather color
Zookbinders - Full Leather Cover

10×10 Lustre Book with Name & Date

Simple and understated, available in 20+ colors of genuine leather
Bar Mitzvah Photo Albums & Bat Mitzvahs Album | Mitzvahs - Zookbinders

10×10 Matted Album with Cameo Cover

A classic Bar Mitzvah Album that we’ve been making since 1995

Mitzvah Album Design Styles

Our Professional Bar Mitzvah Album Designers will tell the story of your event from the service to the reception highlighting all the important milestones. Each design includes a workflow that makes it easy for your clients to communicate revisions. Choose from 3 styles:

Zookbinders - Album Design Styles

Grandparent Albums

All Grandparent albums are professional flush mount albums featuring rigid pages. A Zookbinders hallmark is our ability to create a replica cover of the main album for Grandparents. For best value, order Grandparent Albums in packages.

Zookbinders - Grandparent Albums
Zookbinders - Grandparent Albums
Zookbinders - Grandparent Albums

How we help photographers accelerate their business

  • Our Selection Service ensures families that celebrate this coming-of-age event will be coming back to you for a Professional Bar Mitzvah photo album! We’ll choose the best photos for the album and make it easy – and fun – for your clients to finalize the selection with this time saving, online tool available only from Zookbinders.
  • Don’t forget the grandparents will want their own copy of a Bar Mitzvah photo album! After your client approves their Mitzvah album, our shopping carts lets you offer a larger album, and additional Bar Mitzvah album copies for proud grandparents or other family members. Let Zook technology work for you!
  • Add a guest sign-in Bat Mitzvah book so friends can write their personal congratulations in a sign-in book designed from a previous portrait session. It’s a great opportunity for you to increase your overall sales per event – not to mention impress future customers who will be attending the party!
  • One workflow from shoot to album! Selection Service transitions neatly to Mitzvah album design and right through fulfillment. Move your Mitzvah projects along in weeks instead of months (or even years)! Our value added services keep your workflow humming along while keeping your clients engaged and excited at each phase.

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