2018 WPPI Recap

WPPI is a great place to take the pulse on what’s happening in the world of professional photography, and 2018 illustrated some shifts – here are my takeaways from walking the trade show:

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More Services:   There was a noticeable increase in vendors offering “services”.  This

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2018 Predicted Wedding Trends

  1. Transparent Elements

Whether it’s a classy outdoor wedding or an enclosed affair, the 2018 trend of transparent elements is all the rage for this year. This trend is more crystal clear than a bell and includes glass enclosed wedding venues and acrylic

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Taking Bets on Regrets

Detroit area photographer and FOZ (Friend Of Zookbinders) Brian Masserman of Masserman Photography shared with me a new twist on a familiar sales situation. Not long ago, Brian was doing a consultation with a bride-to-be who was looking for ways to cut costs

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Five things that are a must for your next sample album.

Sample albums work to entice your wedding clients to purchase a wedding album of their own, or a larger collection that includes an album. Before accepting no for an answer about an album purchase, be sure your clients aren’t picturing a cheap consumer album or a

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A book for any occasion

Years ago, we only offered premium photo albums, and 95% of all orders were for professional wedding albums. When we created the mid-priced Lustre Bookthis gave portrait photographers a high quality photo album at a price that encouraged more album sales. 

With the launch of the EZ Book (with

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