Almost 3 Decades of Zookbinders Albums!

American Made

American Made

American Made

Almost 3 Decades of Zookbinders Albums!
Senior Portrait Albums

Photographer Tips

Photographer Tips

Photographer Tips

Senior Portrait Albums
Imaging USA 2023 Recap

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Imaging USA 2023 Recap
What’s New at Zookbinders for 2023

Album Sales Tips

Album Sales Tips

Album Sales Tips

What’s New at Zookbinders for 2023
Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers

Album Covers

Album Covers

Album Covers

Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers
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Almost 3 Decades of Zookbinders Albums!


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Senior Portrait Albums

Looking to add albums to your high school senior collections? Here are some great tips.

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Imaging USA 2023 Recap

Record crowds, great education, and an expansive trade show made IMAGING USA better than ever in 2023!

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What’s New at Zookbinders for 2023

New year – new catalog! Check out the updates for 2023.

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Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers

Splash Covers are a fresh approach to a standard leather album cover.

, , ,

Say Thank you!

Reach out with gratitude. Take the time to give thanks!

, ,

Professional Albums for Fall Portraits

All those fall portraits NEED to be in a photo album!

, ,

Say This, Instead of That, When Talking About Professional Albums

Your words matter. Try these tips to refine your marketing and client communication.

, ,

5 Things We Would Never Do When Designing a Wedding Album

After 11+ years of offering album design, we’ve got some tips to share.

, ,

Professional Albums versus Digital-Only Delivery

Are you sending your clients an unfinished project?

, ,

Beyond Professional Wedding Albums – Senior Portraits

Professional albums for senior portrait sessions wow parents and the celebrated grads.

, ,

Four Ways to Inspire Your Creativity

Creative juices running low? Here is some motivation for your innovation.

, ,

Professional Photo Albums for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Professional albums for Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations are the perfect way to share memorable imagery.

, ,

Beyond Professional Wedding Albums

Professional albums aren’t just for weddings! Check out these profitable album ideas.

, ,

Marketing for New Wedding Album Sales

Marketing to past clients is an untapped revenue source.

, ,

Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book

Simple, affordable and a great add on to your photography collections!

, ,

Great Gifts for Professional Photographers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Here are a few gift ideas that would make any photographer’s wish list.

, ,

Working with a Professional Wedding Album Company

Partnering with a company that does one thing well can help you navigate workflow and increase profitability.

, ,

Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: Lustre Book

Why is Zookbinders’ Lustre Book such a popular professional wedding album?

, , ,

Specializing Matters – Part Two

Use your expertise to generate better referrals. Here are some great ways to highlight what you specialize in and attract the right clients.

, ,

Specializing Matters – Part One

Specializing on one type of photography can draw in clients that are in search of an expert.

, ,

What Professional Photographers Can Learn From the Happy Meal™

Show your photography customers you are an expert wedding photographer with these few practices. Include a professional wedding albums in your packages!

, ,

Professional Wedding Album Spotlight

Discover all the details of our premium album, the Zook Book

, ,

Great Customer Communication

Share instructions, expectations, and inspiration with clients for a great customer experience!

, ,

Podcasts for Professional Photographers

Inspiration and education are at the tip of your earbuds! Check out these great podcasts.

, ,

Hot Tips for Increasing Your Revenue

As post pandemic business picks up, where can you add revenue to your current business model?

, ,

Are You Easy to Work With?

Want happy clients and great referrals? Be sure your customers enjoy working with you!

, ,

Tips for Photographing Professional Wedding Albums

Words just don’t do justice to the beautiful features of a professional wedding album. Get out your camera and create some stunning visuals!

, ,

The Incredible Bon a’ Vie Album!

Zookbinders’ Bon a Vie album celebrates it’s 5th year as our most unique wedding album!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Album Design

If you are selling wedding albums, you’ll need to have an album design plan in place. Set yourself up for success with these tips.

, ,

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Website

Is your website really working for you? A few small changes may help customers better connect with you.

, ,

Finding Your Style

Your style defines your brand and the types of albums and products that you offer your clients. Not sure what your style is? Read on!

, , ,

Photographers’ Favorite Things for 2021

Zookbinders asked our pro photogs what products they love and couldn’t live without. Take a look at our Photographers’ Favorites!

, ,

Getting Started with Wedding Album Design

Overwhelmed by the thought of designing a wedding album? Using a design service is a great alternative to doing it yourself.

, ,

Give Yourself a Raise

When adjusting your prices for CODB increases, don’t overlook raising your own compensation.

, ,

Great Ways to Expedite Wedding Album Turnaround Times

Increase your clients’ experience and excitement by reducing album delivery times.

, , ,

Navigating Virtual Wedding Expos – Part Three

How do you “exhibit” at a Virtual Wedding Expo. Here are 4 components that will guide to a successful show.


A Big Pecan Pie Thank You!

In the ’90s, Zookbinders sent pecan pies as a thank you. We wish we could hug & eat pie with each of you, but for now, here is a virtual pie.

, ,

Navigating Virtual Wedding Expos – Part 2

Attending a Virtual Expo? It’s time to gather up all your marking assets! Find out what you need to get started.

, ,

Navigating Virtual Wedding Expos – Part 1

Virtual Expos are a new experience for many. Plan ahead and make great impression online!

, ,

5 ways to enhance your Instagram

Easy ways for professional photographers to enhance their Instagram content and create better interaction with followers and prospective customers.

, ,

Elevating your Brand with Customer Appreciation

Saying, “Thank you,” is just one way to show customer appreciation. Gratitude goes a long way in building your business relationships.

, , ,

The Zookbinders 2020 Holiday Deadlines

Deadlines can mean an increase in orders. Make them work for you throughout the year.


A Truly Unique Wedding Album

When clients are asking for something one-of-a kind, the Bon a Vie Album by Zookbinders is the perfect answer!


Wedding Album Sales Strategies

Generate a revenue stream with these easy sales strategies.

, , ,

Zookbinders’ Wedding Album Brochure

Zookbinders has created a marketing brochure about a professional album that you can send to your clients TODAY!

, ,

Sales and Marketing for Professional Wedding Albums

Zookbinders challenges your to try our new turn-key marketing material for albums sales. Revive old clients and create revenue!

, ,

Wedding Album Design Service is a Game Changer!

Thinking about using Zookbinders’ wedding album design service? Outsourcing album design has more benefits that you might think!


How to Talk About Professional Wedding Albums

Talk about albums! Don’t miss all the opportunities to enlighten your clients.

, ,

Create a Luxury Experience with Premium Wedding Albums

What if you could offer your clients something AMAZING? Create a wedding collection to really WOW your couples!

, ,

Every Couple Needs an Engagement Session & Sign-in Book!

Sign-in Book are a great way to show off images, get referrals, and add to your bottom line!

, , ,

Professional Wedding Albums & Mastering the Art of Upselling

Upselling is the secret to higher sales averages. Learn how to successfully add to your bottom line

, ,

Professional Wedding Albums Intro to Pricing

Whether you sell albums a la carte or in collections, here are some great tips!

, ,

Professional Wedding Albums 2.0

With this simple workflow you can order professional wedding albums for all your clients.

, ,

Professional Wedding Albums 101

Want to sell albums but don’t know where to start? Here’s 4 easy steps!

, ,

High-Quality Wedding Albums Made in the USA

Partnering with an album company in the USA can benefit your business in many ways.


Unique Wedding Albums with Custom Details

Create great upsells and a luxury experience by customizing wedding album details.


Say “Yes” to Genuine Leather Wedding Albums

Genuine leather albums are not only beautiful, they have the durability to stand the test of time.


Why Flush Mount Photo Albums Are So Popular

A flush mount albums’ lay flat pages are the perfect way to showcase beautiful wedding images in a contemporary fashion for your clients.

, ,

Album Sales Success with Senior Photography

How to make sales success with your senior photography clients with proven upselling techniques, album samples, and ideas for pricing your packages.

, ,

Do couples need a Professional Wedding Album?

Wedding Photography is more than digital downloads. Don’t let your couples miss out on albums!

, ,

Wedding Album Design Service – Reinvest Your Time

DIY wedding album designs cost you time and money. Using a Wedding Album Design Service can save you both!


Getting started with Zookbinders

Finding a wedding album company that goes beyond beautiful professional albums can help you save time and add to your bottom line.

, ,

Creative Marketing Ideas for Photographers in 2020

Marketing for photographers doesn’t mean promoting a sale. We’ve shared some creative ways you can elevate your brand and connect with your community

, ,

How photographers can make an extra $1,000 this month

Weddings, events and booked photography sessions have been put on hold, canceled or rescheduled during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

, ,

Building Yourself Up During COVID-19

Now is the time to protect your business, finances, and photography – and yourself! Here are some ways you could be building yourself up during COVID-19.

, ,

Building Up Your Photography Clients During COVID-19

Your photo clients are scared now – they need you to be the “hero”! Here are some ways you could be building up your photography clients during COVID-19.

, ,

Building Up Business for Photographers During COVID-19

The photo industry is taking a hit now – but it will be back. Until then, here are some best practices from other pro photographers to building up business.


Be Wary of Albums Not Made of Genuine Leather

How you can choose the best album covers for your clients so they stand the test of time, temperature, and durability for generations to come!

What’s New in 2020 with Zookbinders

2020 Brings new services and features with Zookbinders plus even more ways to help you sell hand-crafted wedding albums that will wow your clients.

Tips for Photographers from Wedding MBA Classes

Tips for photographers from Wedding MBA classes and from the industry’s best photographers, business owners, and speakers!

, ,

What Wedding Photographers Can Learn From Chair Covers

Show your photography customers you are an expert wedding photographer with these few practices. Include a professional wedding albums in your packages!


Why Photography Expos Make a Difference For You

Wedding photography expos are important to professional wedding photographers. It provides a large variety of informative courses and fun experiences.


How to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Photography Sales

Managing a Photography Business can be similar to Biking. Pace yourself, ride open trails, keep control, yield, plan ahead, and enjoy the view!

, , ,

Part 6 of 6: When to Charge More

Be prepared for the next wedding season by knowing these Wedding Photographer Tips. Consider when is the most popular date to charge this 2020.

, , ,

Part 5 of 6: Focusing on Upgrades

Here are some Bridal Shopping Trends Tips on what your business can learn from 2018 Wedding Trends. Focus on your upgrades!

, , ,

Part 4 of 6: What a Couple Wants

Here are some tips every professional wedding photographer must know. Learn more about what couples want in their wedding!

, , ,

Part 3 of 6: Going Beyond in Marketing

Go beyond Marketing by checking out these Wedding Photography Marketing Tips that will help your business be more visible to your potential clients!

, , ,

Part 2 of 6: Best Time & Place to Market Online

Read about how you can up your marketing with these tips for wedding photographer. Get inspiration and ideas to get the best time & place to market online.

, , ,

Part 1 of 6: Bridal Shopping Trends

If you want some tips for your wedding photography business, this can be helpful for you! Learn more about these Bridal Shoppping Trends.

, , , , ,

Zookbinders Editing & Culling Service

Zookbinders now offers culling and editing services. Make adjustments based on your preferences and general editing standards.

, ,

Stand by Your Brand

To really make an impact, be sure your premium album matches your brand. Find a product style that says “you” like nothing else. Read more to learn how.

Do You Boudoir?

Boudoir albums make great grooms gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday surprises and…well….boudoir session are fun too! Do them right with these tips.

What’s New 2019

2019 brings some exciting news! Zookbinders now offers editing and culling services to help out photographers during wedding season.

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season, The more albums the merrier! Read more to know how a professional wedding album would be the perfect surprise.


Marketing Refresh!

Look ahead at the coming year and ask yourself, what am I going to do to ramp up my outreach? Check out these wedding albums marketing tips!

Separating from the Pack

What makes you different from other professional photographers? How do you set yourself apart from the pack? Learn more about professional albums.

, ,

All the Feels

We can love on all the digital files in the world, but nothing compares with tactile sensory experience of turning the pages of a handcrafted wedding album.  

The Dog ate my Wedding Album?

At Zookbinders we receive a handful of albums that are sent back for repair because.. ”The Dog Bit The Wedding Album”. Read more!

Establishing Value

Value means different things to different people. Here are some ways to show value when selling handcrafted professional albums to your clients.

Wedding MBA

Your photography business is more than a calling, it’s a career. It’s your 9-5, your 24/7 and it’s where you hang your financial hat. If this describes you, DO NOT MISS this year’s Wedding MBA in Las Vegas.

Nobody’s Asking You.. Get your samples out there!

Showing Professional Album samples and listening to your client will help to clarify and connect what you offer and what they are looking for.

What is Album Coaching?

Step up your game! When the pain points are uncovered we can help find solutions. We love solutions! Our goal is to help you get from shoot to album.

How much is that?

Pricing can be a struggle for photographers who are just starting to offer custom wedding albums. Learn more for suggestions and workflow solutions.

GPS for Album Work Flow

Zookbinders produces premium wedding albums but we go beyond just our products. Come for the beautiful albums and stay for the ride. Want to learn more?

FOMO & the Parent Album

The idea is that something AMAZING is going on without you, and the thought that you are not among the masses sharing that experience is.

High School Senior Session for a 1980 Graduate!

Zookbinders met our clients Jon and Linsday Betz in 2007 when they were just starting their pro photography business and Jon is the photographic artist.

Album Packages for Established Pros

Ask 10 Wedding Photographers about their pricing and album choices, and you’re guaranteed to get 10 different answers! Read more to know why.

153 words of advice for the busy business owner

153 Words of Advice for the 1 Armed Bandit (aka the Busy 1 Person Business Owner) by Zookbinders. Things you should and shouldn’t do.

Album Packages for Emerging Pros

Don’t stress! Here’s a roadmap to show you how easy it can be. Zookbinders has album coaches available to help you get started selling albums.


Zookbinders is named as the 35th company in the entire State of Illinois to be awarded OSHA’s reputable Safety and Health Achievement and Recognition Program.

Wedding album design: video showcase

A quality photographer, a quality experience from all vendors, and a professional quality wedding album. Check this Album showcase by Lumine Photography.

Celebrating 23 Years of Great Clients

Although we are now 23 years-old, we still have the same DNA we had as a start up: fiercely committed to providing great photographers with the best quality wedding albums, and the outsource services you need to run a small business more efficiently.

What To Say When Brides Say “I Don’t Want An Album”

Many of today’s brides have more photos posted on social media than you’ll capture on their wedding day. They may not have ever PRINTED A PHOTO in their whole life, so it’s understandable why some may not be interested in a hand-crafted professional wedding album.

Should Wedding Albums Be Sold “By the Image” or “By the Page”?

Are you confused whether you should sell wedding albums “By the Image” or “By the Page”? Here’s some tips form our professionals!

Engagement Shoots + Sign In Books

The 2 most popular photo albums we see are our new EZ Book. These contemporary customizable wedding albums even come with a special sign-in pen.

Say Goodbye To Wedding Season Stress

The biggest benefit of the Zookbinders selection service is that it helps photographers sell more photos which results in making more money

Your Legacy

When you buy a wedding photo album you aren’t buying an object. Rather, you’re buying your family’s first heirloom and preserving your family’s history.

Beyond Albums

Throughout our 23 years in business, we’ve changed our tagline and marketing messaging a few times, but highlighting our professional wedding album has always been a part of the message.

2018 WPPI Recap

WPPI is a great place to take the pulse on what’s happening in the world of professional photography, and 2018 illustrated some shifts.

2018 Predicted Wedding Trends

Are you in the process of planning a 2018 wedding? New year means new trends! Here are some predicted wedding trends for 2018 from Zookbinders!

Taking Bets on Regrets

Detroit area photographer and FOZ (Friend Of Zookbinders) Brian Masserman of Masserman Photography shared with me a new twist on a familiar sales situation.

Five things that are a must for your next sample album.

Sample albums work to entice your wedding clients to purchase a wedding album of their own. Here are five tips for making sample albums that work for you.

A book for any occasion

Starting at $79 our newest product, The EZ book, is a great option for every occasion, here are some examples. Check this photo album out!

Introducing The EZ Book

Introducing Ez Book! Here at Zookbinders, we continue to provide the best professional photo albums for photographers at the Good, Better and Best level.

The Secret Benefits of Zookbinders Album Design

Our “design service” is really a “service” that includes design and facilitates 3-way communication between the photographer, the client and Zookbinders.

Printing photos and lessons of forgotten digital photos

As photographers and album makers, let’s push for printing photos, so that they can be enjoyed by future generations and will not be forgotten.

Free Album Replacement in a Natural Disaster

Zookbinders offers Free Album Replacement in a Natural Disaster for all the victims for many years free of charge since Hurricane Katrina last 2005.

What’s New in 2018


Need Help Growing Your Business?

Need help in growing your professional photography business? Need help deciding which photo albums to offer? We can help!

TBT: Award-winning Wedding Album from 1997

What about wedding album trends of yesteryear? In the pre-digital day, the most popular albums were “Matted”. Take a look at a Zookbinders 1997 album.


Saving Money on Sample Albums

For more sales, we recommend updating your sample albums every year. We have tips on how to get sample albums for a small amount of money.

Studio Spotlight – South Sound Weddings

Krystal Switzer started her professional photography business in 2010 after picking up a camera and the Scott Kelby series of photography books.


Why some brides stopped buying albums

Brides stopped ordering albums to avoid the hassle of choosing from hundreds of photos. Our Selection Tool will make easy for both brides & photographers.

Take Away from Wedding MBA

Wedding MBA 2017 was held earlier this month in Las Vegas. The number of programs, products, demos and experiences available were staggering.


Photography Business: Good Better Best

When given a choice of 3 items to purchase, most consumers will purchase the middle item. So how can you take advantage of this middle mentality? Here’s how

Studio Spotlight – Nick Frontiero Photography

Nick Frontiero Productions from Central Alabama. Nick considers himself a “hybrid photographer” by not only shooting digital, but also by continuing to shoot film.

Zook Gives Back

Zookbinders participated in sending donations to help flood victims in Corpus Christi, Texas through the organization

, ,

Wedding MBA 2017

Wedding MBA is the must attend annual conference for those whose livelihood depends on weddings. Mark Zucker, founder and CEO of Zookbinders will be speaker

Part-Time vs. Full-Time Photographers

You can still make money as a “full-timer”, but it’s harder. There are high volume studios (defined as 100+ weddings), generally still make a decent living.


Why Albums are Important?


Studio Spotlight – Shayla Loring Photography

Owner and sole-employee, Shayla includes a custom photo album in each of her collections because she knows how important this will be to her customers.

System Update: Viewing Design and Selection microsites

When we create an album design or photo selection website, photographers receive email links to the microsites, and then email the link to their brides.

Studio Spotlight – Justin Buettner Photography

Justin Buettner Photography on the west coast in gorgeous Sacramento, California. Justin is a one-man show who shoots 50 weddings a year and 50 engagement sessions as well!

Browser permissions for flash

Some of the major browsers including Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari are set to disable Flash content in their most recent updates

Studio Spotlight: dani. fine photography & image studio

Dani Fine Photography specializes in weddings, lifestyle, commercial and boudoir photography, located in Massachusetts offering Custom Wedding Albums made by Zookbinders.


Why Do Wedding Photographers Charge So Much?



Put a Wedding Album in Every Brides Hand



Time Travel & A Big Fat Greek Wedding Album

Time Travel & A Big Fat Greek Wedding Album is the latest blog post of Zookbinders. Check out professional wedding albums that will make you nostalgic

Studio Spotlight: Cobalt Photography

Studio Spotlight: Cobalt Photography mission to be the best tell the tale of the event through artistic and emotional images for Weddings & Bar/Bat mitzvah

Silence is Golden


Studio Spotlight – Paradise Photography

Paradise Photography achieves their Photo album sales by entrusting their Photobooks design to zookbinders Having high quality products

Show your work


Studio Spotlight: Irene Abdou Photography, LLC

IRENE ABDOU,with her husband have found that by offering client with professional photo albums and in-person consultations the studio able to increase sales

Inspire Follow Up

Zookbinders Inspire Photography Retreat this week in Rhode Island, photographers came to learn tell their stories and help escape the trap of churn and burn

Studio Spotlight – Narrow Road Productions

Our third studio spotlight is Narrow Road Productions from Soldotna. The business attracts clientele through images that inspire and empower women roles


Exciting Update

new look Zookbinder We felt it was time to get a facelift. Most clients rely on their phones to check email and browse also made the site mobile friendly!

Catalog 2017’s Highlights and New Products

Photo Albums 2017 Catalog is available and there are quite a few exciting changes and new products. As we start our 22nd year in PhotoBooks business,

Selection Service Success Story

 Professional wedding album design services by Zookbinders We have a client who shoots several hundred wedding album design


Making It Real

The photo album makes the wedding real. You’re lucky if you get a piece of wedding cake, let alone actually get a moment to take it all in.


Eddie Fox – A Chicago Legend

Zookbinders and the photography community lost a legend with the passing of Eddie Fox, and I am compelled to share his story. Custom wedding albums


sRGB vs AdobeRGB Workspace for Print – Which Should I Use?

In particular, Adobe RGB(1998) is not well suited for those photographers using larger commercial labs to make prints and professional photo book for client

And Then Shut Up!


Ask for the Sale


What about You?

chat or meet a professional wedding photographer for the first time, I go straight to their website and click on the “About Me” .I learn their personality

Cash is King

I’ve seen many photographers run into trouble with cash flow, as ultimately they’re on the hook to deliver professional photobook they can’t afford.

A Unique Conference to Attend – Wedding MBA

If you’re a business minded photographer looking to grow your business, improve profits and customer satisfaction this is a great conference to attend.

Back Up to the Album


And the survey says…


Social Media No-No’s

First impressions happen rapidly and are nearly eternal. It’s important to do your best in ensuring a great first impression. Changing a first impression is possible, but it’s best to avoid making these marketing mistakes in the first place.

The Secret to Marketing

In a world of increasing Marketing channels, over-flowing inboxes, and declining Return on Investments, the best way to “market” in a digital economy is to do a great job for each client and to ask them for referrals.

A Unique 21st Birthday Gift

This photographer should sell at least 35 more Professional Photobook this year and should make an additional 15-20K of profit! zookbinders better service


2016’s Top Wedding Trends



Designed to Delight

Here at Zookbinders we not only make beautiful photobook for professional photographers but we also create stunning album designs that will delight clients

Save Money on Shipping! Zookbinders Drop Ships

In the time starved life of a professional photographer, do you have albums sitting around your studio for weeks just waiting for your clients to come in an

, ,

Inside the Bon a’ Vie Launch Party…

There’s nothing better than a room full of photographers.. a room full of Zook colleagues. We hand out Bon a’ Vie sample album and professional photo book.


Washington DC and The Legacy of Monte Zucker


Spring Photography Tips


A Labor of Love Album


Photographers/ Logo Design 101

As a photographer, you either already have a logo, are in need of a logo, or are looking to redesign your logo. If you are looking to create a logo yourself, or redesign your existing logo, there are a few things to consider…

Drone Wedding Photography

With drone photography, a photographer can shoot breath taking aerial shots of the ceremony, venue and the surrounding landscape, giving the couple a birds eye view of their wedding day.

, ,

Photography Business Tips: How To Make It Easier For Your Clients


, , ,

Printing photos and lessons of forgotten digital photos



Beware of Becoming a Commodity



Part-Time vs. Full-Time Photographers


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