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Detroit area photographer and FOZ (Friend Of Zookbinders) Brian Masserman of Masserman Photography shared with me a new twist on a familiar sales situation. Not long ago, Brian was doing a consultation with a bride-to-be who was looking for ways to cut costs

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Sample albums work to entice your wedding clients to purchase a wedding album of their own, or a larger collection that includes an album. Before accepting no for an answer about an album purchase, be sure your clients aren’t picturing a cheap consumer album or a

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A book for any occasion

Years ago, we only offered premium photo albums, and 95% of all orders were for professional wedding albums. When we created the mid-priced Lustre Bookthis gave portrait photographers a high quality photo album at a price that encouraged more album sales. 

With the launch of the EZ Book (with

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Introducing The EZ Book

We are strong supporter of photographers that offer Good, Better, Best” products and services, and with the launch of the EZ Book, you can now order “Good, Better & Best” professional photo albums from Zookbinders.

In just a few weeks since launch, we’re seeing

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Show Your Space – Nick Frontiero Photography

We are starting a new segment called “Show Your Space” where we feature really cool spaces that photographers work, play, and let’s face it – sometimes sleep in during the busy months of summer wedding editing!

Our first “Show Your Space” participant is photographer, Nick

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