wedding album design
wedding album design

Wedding Album Design

Our Professional Wedding Album Design Services is a clean, contemporary designs with a 10 to 15 business day turnaround time to help you tell your client’s story.

Simple Design Style

Puts the focus on your photos, with your choice of white or black backgrounds, and optional borders around the images. Without any graphic elements (colors, gradients, overlays, etc.), this style is intended for the client who loves the idea of “simple and clean”.

Classic Design Style

Features clean lines and complimentary colorful accents. Choose either white or black backgrounds and our creative album designers will use simple strokes around images for added pop. Our Classic design is timeless and lets the emotions captured in the photos tell your story.

Contempo Design Style

An upbeat style offering more pizzazz. Your images will fill the pages, accented by overlays, photo and textured backgrounds, color accents, gradients and unique placement of images. Our most popular and creative wedding album design style is clean and fun.

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Wedding Album Design | Zookbinders

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wedding album design

How does it work?

your retail prices for parent wedding album copies and main wedding album size upgrades.

by choosing their favorite material color, and opt in for a larger professional wedding album or replica copies at retail prices you set up. Log in to your account to see design pricing and learn more.

Wedding Album Design | Zookbinders

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will be shown what they can expect to pay you. As always, we’ll notify you via email the instant one of your clients “checks out”.

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How we help Pro Photographers Go Beyond with Wedding Album Design

  • Wedding Album designs are completed within 7-10* business days, so your client will see their layout shortly after selecting the photos.
  • Sell extra wedding albums to parents and grandparents: Design it once, sell it twice! Parents will want to buy a copy of the main wedding album for themselves.


*Turnaround times can vary and are not guaranteed during the holiday season.

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