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The best way to sell albums is to show sample albums of your best work. Zookbinders offers a generous 50% discount on all studio sample products and services, to new customers and those actively selling Zookbinders albums. (limit two samples per product line per year. i.e. two Bon a’ Vie, two Zook Books, two Lustre Books, etc). All sample albums will be marked with the words “Studio Sample” on the inside front cover, not including the Bon a’ Vie.

Zookbinders offers a generous 50% off discount on all studio sample products and services.


  • You sell what you show – so make sure your sample albums look amazing!
  • Show a collection of albums which includes a main album and a set of replica parent albums – contact us if you’d like recommendations.
  • Most albums have 80-100 photos, so this is a good number of images to use.
  • If you’re new to albums, start with our 10×10 with a Leather Spine cover, (2) 6×6 Replica Parent Albums with our Contempo Design Style.
  • For more established photographers we suggest ordering the most visibly exciting covers we offer, such as our Splash covers or Reflectionz covers.
  • Refresh samples annually.

Let us help with album design!

Here’s why:

  • Take the guesswork out of design! Our designers fully understand our design specs, safety margins, and trim areas.  
  • The design team at Zookbinders works full-time time designing albums for weddings, mitzvahs, events, and portrait sessions. They have the expertise to know what clients like. 
  • There are three design styles to choose from, along with the option to add preferences and make customized requests so that each design is truly unique.
  • You and your clients will see proof to approve the design or make changes but communicate directly with the designer via our ordering system.
  • We offer 4 complimentary spread revisions if changes need to be made. 
  • Outsourcing the task of album design will allow you to work on your business rather than in your business. 
  • With fast turnaround times and competitive pricing our album design service is a great addition to your workflow.


  • To guard against fraud, we reserve the right to alter names and/or date cover stamping in addition to printing or stamping the words “Studio Sample” on the inside front cover
  • Sample albums are constructed exactly the same as a customers album – the only difference is the discounted price and the language “Sample Album” that will appear.

The Zookbinders sales staff is a great resource that can help you with album selling strategies, and make recommendations for the products and services that best suit your business. Please email customerservice@zookbinders.com.

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