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The Incredible Bon a’ Vie Album!

The Bon A Vie Album

This month at Zookbinders we’re celebrating the fifth-year anniversary of the incredible Bon a’ Vie Album. Just five short years ago, Zookbinders revealed our one-of-a-kind album that opens in the middle like a pair of French doors. This delightfully romantic wedding album allows couples to sit side-by-side as they page through their images together.

The incredible Bon a’ Vie Album has consistently wowed photographers and brides alike. When it comes to thinking outside the box, this album is a winner! As we celebrate the Bon a’ Vie turning five, we will showcase why it’s just SO special!


A Show Stopper! 

As far as professional wedding albums go, the Bon a’ Vie will not disappoint at bridal shows! Having a stunning sample album front and center in your vendor booth will attract attendees and ignite conversations. If you gather a crowd in your space, you’re bound to attract even more of an audience. When passersby hear the “oooo’s and ah’s”  coming from your visitors, they’ll want to see what the excitement is all about. 

The Bon a’ Vie is also an excellent conversation starter! In most cases, it will be the attendees who initiate the conversation. You’ll hear things like, “Wow, what is this?”,  “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” and “I have to have this!” The ball is in your court as far as the conversation goes!

Even couples who are not considering a wedding album will be drawn in by the incredible Bon a’ Vie album. When planning a wedding celebration, traditions and uniqueness meld together. This album is a perfect match for people looking for something just a little bit different in an album.

The Cover is just the Beginning

One of the coolest things about the Bon a’ Vie Album is that the cover possibilities are endless. The cover photo is split down the middle and can be designed with just an image, or add custom text. If you are using Zookbinders Album Design Service, you have your choice of 8 cover design options. If you are doing your own wedding album layout, check the cover specs for the Bon a’ Vie, on pages 23-25 of the Design Guide.

The cover materials are available in a rainbow of color options and textures. With 14 material choices, it is easy for clients to get a perfect match for their style. All the cover options are included in the base cost.  However, you may choose to sell the photo cover option as an upgrade. Another add-on idea might be to offer the more vibrant colors, like Moroccan Blue or Tangerine for an additional charge, along with the textured Little Black collection.

The Incredible Bon a' Vie Album!, The Incredible Bon a’ Vie Album!
The Bon a Vie has two cover types, full leather, and leather spine. There are many cover materials options to customize!

Adding Value to Your Brand

Everyone wants to have some type of differentiator in their brand or business. Something that gets people talking. The Bon a’ Vie Album makes a statement and it’s a great visual for your website and social media. Not only are pictures intriguing, but videos can show the movement of the pages turning on two different spines. Posting pictures and videos of your Bon a’ Vie sample albums and client orders to share on your thread will stop people from scrolling “just another wedding album”. Followers will notice that you have something different.

The Incredible Bon a' Vie Album!, The Incredible Bon a’ Vie Album!
Showing images and VIDEO of the Bon a Vie on social media will attract attention since it’s such an innovative design!

If you want to be a sought-after artist, you’ll need a reputation for delivering the best imagery in the best possible products.  Offering professional wedding albums to your clients and being able to curate unique products that are not available to consumers elevates your brand.  

Professional photographers who started selling the Bon a’ Vie album have received rave reviews and accolades from their clients. Our customers tell us that they have heightened the quality of their imagery specifically to be displayed in this exclusive wedding album.

The incredible Bon a’ Vie has become an anchor for attracting clients and building business for Zookbinders and photographers over the past five years. If you’re looking to start featuring the Bon a’ Vie in your album collections, don’t forget that Zookbinders offers a generous 50% off all sample albums.

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Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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