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Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book


The EZ Book

As we venture into the new year with the busy wedding season behind us, now is the perfect time to focus on professional photo albums for other types of events. In this professional wedding album spotlight, we are going to talk about ZookbindersEZ Book.  The EZ Book is a simple photo album at a nice price point that is suitable for a wide variety of events. 

In addition to traditional professional wedding albums, many photographers also offer albums for boudoir sessions, senior portraits, and of course engagement sessions. But, let’s be honest, not all celebrations or photo sessions need an album with glove leather and gilding.

The bigger investment that a custom wedding album, like the  Zook Book, brings to the table isn’t budget-friendly either. However, there are many life events that deserve to have their stories told in print. Understanding this, Zookbinders created a very simple, high-quality photographic album to fill that need. Learn all about this fun album as we shine a light on the professional wedding album spotlight: EZ Book. 


The Name Says it All

It’s literally the EZ Book. So simplistic we are not even going to spell out the full name. This album is perfect as it is, and there are literally no options aside from changing the size. It’s available in 12×12, 10×10, 8×8 and as a 6×6 replica album. The EZ Book is SO simple, which makes it an incredibly popular go-to product for photographers to add to their price list. No choices, just a beautiful photographic album.


All the Details?

In previous professional wedding album spotlight’s we spend a lot of time gushing over all the details, options, and upgrades With the EZ Book, we can keep this short and sweet. The EZ Book is referred to as a “back-to-back” photographic album. This means that photographic prints are bonded together, back to back. There is no substrate material in between the two prints. This makes for a thin, sturdy, yet flexible page.

Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book, Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book
This comparison between the Lustre Book (left) and the EZ Book (right) shows the difference between the page and album thickness.


As simple as the EZ Book is, your creativity in regards to what the cover looks like is pretty limitless. This album has a photo wrap cover. If you use Zookbinders’ design service, the designer will create a cover for you. They can even add text to the image. If you’re doing the album design, you can find a resource for creating the cover HERE.

(We’ll slip one little option in there for you, the photo wrap cover can be glossy or matte. We promise that’s the only option.)


What the EZ Book lacks in choices, it makes up for in uses. 


If you shoot boudoir photography include an 8×8, 10 spread EZ book in all your collections. A photo album is a perfect way to share and store such personal images. Be sure to allow clients to upgrade to a larger size or more spreads once they see their images. 

BONUS – Private images are kept private and off the internet.

High School Seniors

The EZ Book is wonderful for senior portrait sessions. With a wide variety of locations and posing, a successful senior portrait session means lots of favorite images. Digitals are fun, but mom and dad want prints to display. If parents like 25 images they may have to put a new wing of the house in order to show off everything they love. Why not pick one image for a wall portrait and put the rest of the collection in a senior portrait album?  

BONUS –  the EZ Book’s pricing won’t eat into the college fund. It also will look awesome on display at a senior open house or graduation party or as a sign-in album. 


Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book, Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book
Offer an EZ Book with senior sessions gives you a lot of real estate for all those favorite images.


Books

Hands down the most popular use for the EZ Book is for engagement sessions and sign-in books. Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your couple in an easy-going setting. Plus, they get a great collection of photographs in a less formal setting. Sign-in books are perfect for collecting signatures and well wishes from all the wedding guests. They make great keepsakes. 

BONUS – Including an engagement album in all your collections gets your work displayed in two different places. 

Parent Albums

Albums make perfect gifts, and the EZ Book is an affordable way to get parent albums to mom and dad, or grandma and grandpa. EZ Book replica albums are copies of the main album; like the couple’s wedding album, or a child’s bar or bat mitzvah album. Replicas come in 8×8 and 6×6 and have a photo wrap replica cover to match the original album.

BONUS – Additional albums out there in the world with your work in them means more referrals.


Can you use an EZ Book as a wedding album? Of course! There’s something out there for everyone in this budget-friendly album that can be anything you like. As much as we talked about the reasonable investment when purchasing an EZ Book, keep in mind that the value of your work is in the images that you create, so price accordingly and always offer an upgrade.

In this professional wedding album spotlight, we have focused on the EZ Book as an add-on to the other albums you offer within your business. We often talk about creating “good, better, best” collections, and the EZ Book book completes that trifecta with the Lustre Book and Zook Book as its partners. Now’s a great time to get a sample ordered to show clients in the coming year!


Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book, Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: EZ Book
From top to bottom; the EZ Book, The Luster Book, and the Zook Book. It’s the perfect good, better, best album offering.
Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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