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Guest Book Design Styles

It’s a growing trend for couples to create a professional guest book to display at their reception. Guest books are typically designed with 1-2 images per spread to allow space for guests to sign. Guest Books include sign-in pens that will write on the paper finish you choose:


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How we help photographers Go Beyond

Creating a Professional Guest Sign-in Book can help you promote add-on engagement or portrait sessions to your Wedding and Mitzvah packages.

This ensures that the Wedding Guest Book becomes a cherished keepsake after the event.

Guest books do double-duty on display at you clients’ events.

They are a creative alternative to stale, traditional registers inviting guests to express themselves more freely than simply adding their names on a line. They also give you a chance to show off your photography to those in attendance who just may become your future customers! Ask any business person and they’ll tell you that referrals are the easiest and most cost effective way to generate new customers, so consider the Wedding Guest Book as part customer sale and part marketing piece.

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