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Introducing The EZ Book

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We are strong supporter of photographers that offer “Good, Better, Best” products and services, and with the launch of the EZ Book, you can now order “Good, Better & Best” professional photo albums from Zookbinders. In just a few weeks since launch, we’re seeing the following: 

  • Lots of 10×10 and 12×12 wedding sign in books – since there’s no UV Coating, you can use a sharpie (in many cool colors).  One photographer said: “I don’t want my sign-in books to look as impressive as the main wedding albums, so the EZ Book is perfect”


  • Lots of 8×8 Wedding Parent Albums, which are essentially the same price as the 6×6 Lustre Books.


  • Big increase in Senior Portrait Albums and Family Portrait Albums.   We’ve received several orders with 3 portrait albums, which means the lower price is making it easier  for clients to order additional copies.

The EZ Book is our entry level photo album that is essentially a stripped down Lustre Book.  In order to achieve the starting list price of just $79 for an 8×8 high quality photo album, we removed some bells and whistles such as:

  • No board between the photos – photos are mounted “back to back”
  • No UV Coating – this is available as an option for $1.00 per spread
  • No box or packaging – it comes shrink wrapped, and boxes can be purchased as an option

At Zookbinders, we continue to provide the best quality professional photo albums for photographers at the Good, Better and Best level.  While the EZ Book comes with a low price tag, you can be assured that it is made with the same love and attention as all of our other professional wedding albums.

Picture of Mark Zucker

Mark Zucker

Zucker founded Zookbinders in 1995 and is passionate about helping photographers attract more clients, make more money, and spend less time in post-production. He was raised in the pro photography business (his father founded Capri Album) and remembers attending trade shows as a kid (he was more of a nuisance than a contributor).

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