Beautiful Wedding Albums

As a wedding photographer, one of the fun parts of capturing all the fun details and being “behind-the-scenes” is seeing all the new trends for the year. Additionally, for the employees at Zookbinders that get to check out all your beautiful wedding albums, we also enjoy checking out all the trends and creativity of each wedding! I wanted to share a few popular wedding trends for 2016 and pair them up with some options for your wedding albums to help increase sales and keep all of us ahead of the trend curve.

Glitz and Glam

According to Wedding Paper Divas, “Shimmer, sparkle, glitter” is the most popular wedding trend for 2016 brides. “Everyone loves high shine,” and warm tones such as rose gold and copper are the most requested metallic shades for this year.

Even if your brides aren’t begging for the Bon A’ Vie – we can still make their wedding albums sparkle with our edgy Metallic Print Paper to show off their glittery glam nuptials in a beautiful Zook Book! Add Silver or Gold gilding for a sleek look to accent the sparkle of their event!

Custom Monograms

According to Minted, “Monograms will always be in high demand, but now 2016 couples want their monogram to appear on everything from the save-the-dates to the website backdrops.”

Here at Zookbinders, you can use the monogram on their wedding photo albums as well! For imprinting, you can choose between modern or italic – however, you can also have a monogram as a title!

Perfect Pairings

Of course we know that it’s always been common to pair wine with food, however, cocktail hour is getting more and more exciting as a guest with the days of just a meatball on a stick being long gone! The brides are having a blast getting creative with fun pairings like the ones suggested by New York City’s Creative Edge Parties, “one-bite tacos with margarita shooters; pretzel bites with local craft beer; or brownie bites with frozen espresso shooters!”

Why stop at food and drink pairings with a wedding? You know what goes great with your wedding album? A parent album to share the memories with Mom & Dad! You can order the parent album with any order – even our new Bon A’ Vie albums. They are a great addition if you offer them a la carte, however if you sell in packages, the parent albums are a perfect way to boost your wedding package sales!

Something for everyone

With the rise in dietary restrictions – gluten free, vegan, no dairy – couples are circling back to giving guests a choice of main courses, and the family style is absolutely trending high for reception dinners!

We agree that just like brides give their guests options for food, Zookbinders gives clients options for album designs! We offer three great designs – Simple, Classic, and Contempo – however, if you want a little bit of a mix, you can let us know! We can create a design profile for you to complement each album with your style, or if there is a particular way you just want one individual order then you can write to our designers and let them know, or contact one of our customer service agents to help you! Hint: If you want to mix two designs, pay for the higher design and write-in which design styles you want mixed (for example: Half Contempo/Half Simple, or Mostly Contempo with Some Classic pages).

Naked Cakes

Sure, the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” would mean these cakes are left outside of the restaurant, but the new trend is to shave some calories off and leave the icing off the outside of the cake! Bakers are increasing the filling between tiers and leaving the layers exposed for a fresh look!

Some brides like the icing and some brides like the “natural, bare” look – we get it! At Zookbinders, we cater to both brides – we have the Zook Book with all the “icing” (gilding, rounded corners, etc.) and also have the Lustre Book with thick pages – without the gilding and rounded corners. Each one easily complements the bedazzled weddings and the more “naked” weddings.

If you have any questions over any of these options, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team and they would be happy to help you! As each wedding is as individual as the bride, our options are available to help every professional photographer maintain their own style and personality.