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Show your customers Mom’s Favorite Gift!

Easy ways to remind your clients that replica parent albums are the perfect gift and make them mom’s favorite gift this year!

Every year your portrait and wedding customers wrestle with the same thing most of us struggle with – what do we get that special lady in our life for Mother’s Day? That special lady may be a mom, grandma, wife, daughter, aunt, auntie, best friend – whichever one they are gifting this year – your customers need help. This blog will make you, their professional photographer, the hero when you show your customers mom’s favorite gift! 

Where’s my Superhero cape?

No offense to the gentlemen in the room, but when we look back at our childhood scrapbooks, photo albums, and folders filled with artwork – who saved the art and pictures and created the books? Most likely mom, grandma, or an aunt! This is a beautiful gift that is provided to our loved ones, however, who is providing that same gift back to the mom? This is where professional photographers can step in this year and save Mother’s Day! Grab that cape and let’s go!  

It’s Easier than a Bat Signal in the Sky!

Put the projector with the bat signal away and instead compile a short and sweet email to specific customers who would benefit from ordering an album for Mother’s Day. 

Set them up for Success

The last thing you want is a bunch of last-minute stress in May, so make sure to give very specific timeframes to your customers concerning deadlines. At Zookbinders, our current design turnaround time is 5-7 business days, and our album production turnaround time is 7-10 business days – but rushes are available for both! 

Don’t forget birthdays and holidays

You may have customers that love the idea but they don’t have the capacity or extra money right now to put towards an album for mom. Don’t fear – remind them to come back and purchase an album for a birthday or holiday later in the year. However, make sure to let them know to start the design or ordering process at least 1-2 months ahead of time. 

favorite gift, Show your customers Mom’s Favorite Gift!
Our 12×12 EZ Book is the perfect portrait album for any family session, but don’t forget the parents (or grandparents, or even great-grandparents!). The 8×8 EZ Book parent replica makes the perfect gift this year for Mother’s Day. Portrait Photography by Maureen T Miller Photography


Making the Wedding Couple the Favorite This Year

Oftentimes there is so much hustle and bustle before, during, and even after a big event like a wedding that the parents often get overlooked. According to The Knot, parents contribute to 51% of the wedding budget – so they should at least get an album as the ultimate party favor (aside from also getting a new daughter/son-in-law). Grab that hero cape – you are about to suggest the ultimate favorite gift for Mother’s Day! 

Where to Start

Start by gathering a list of emails of all your wedding customers who didn’t purchase an album for their parents, and start a small email campaign. 

Note: Since this holiday can be a sensitive topic, be on the cautious side to not email a couple who had lost a mother before their wedding. 

The Subject Matters

Make sure your subject is catchy, gives a sense of urgency, and is fun. If you can include their name, that makes it sound even more personal and they are more likely to open the email

You can make the subject something similar to: 

Jen – Click here for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Save on the most memorable Mother’s Day gift!

James, order your parent album today for Mother’s Day! 

If you would like more suggestions on the subject, and also on the copy of emails to your customers, please check out our SMART sales resource toolkit for professional photographers by CLICKING HERE

favorite gift, Show your customers Mom’s Favorite Gift!
Our 12×12 Lustre Book with a Cameo is the perfect wedding album for the couple, but don’t forget the parents! The 8×8 Lustre Book parent replica makes the perfect gift this year for Mother’s Day. Wedding Photography by Countryside Photography

Timing and Money Matters

We know that many professional photographers are heading into wedding season right now and the last thing we want is to put more on your plate! With the right strategy, you can turn this Mother’s Day parent album campaign into easy extra revenue. However, that can only work if you time and price it right. 


The timing will vary depending on if the design is already created, or if you would need to create a new design. We recommend giving the parents a replica parent album of the original wedding album. It truly gives the timeline of the day that the couple experienced and also doesn’t require any revisions or changes. You can place it into production today with a few simple clicks, and it will be in your/their hands in 7-10 business days (+ shipping). 

If the couple just has a few revisions on their design, you can place a revision on a previous design Zookbinders did and it should only add a few extra business days to the overall turnaround time. 

If you have to create a new design, please make sure to accommodate that increased turnaround time. At Zookbinders, our design turnaround time is 5-7 business days without a rush. 


Make sure that you are coming away from this with a profit! Most professional photographers charge 2-3x the amount that they pay for the product. To save more work and time for you, an interesting tactic photographers have found luck with is taking 10% off the album price if the customers buy the album “as is” (without any revisions or changes). 

CLICK HERE for more “ tried and true” revenue tips from a popular blog by professional photographer and Zook employee, Maureen Miller.

favorite gift, Show your customers Mom’s Favorite Gift!
The 8×8 EZ Book makes the perfect gift for your clients to give their grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, and more for Mother’s Day. Show your customers mom’s favorite gift by giving them the gift idea of an EZ book! Senior image by Silvernale Photography

Making the Portrait Family the Favorite This Year

Remind the moms of the family portraits or high school senior sessions that you photographed last year to “treat yourself” to an album if they haven’t already bought one a la carte or received one in their collection. If they did already receive an album, remind them that the parent replica albums are the perfect gift for grandmothers, aunts, and godmothers. 

The Subject Really Matters

You can make the subject something similar to: 

Smith Family – the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for everyone on your list!

Save on the most memorable Mother’s Day gift for your extended family!

Abby, treat yourself & order an album today for Mother’s Day!

favorite gift, Show your customers Mom’s Favorite Gift!
This sweet EZ Book makes the perfect gift to the mom who forgot to order it after the portrait session. This is the perfect way she can treat herself for Mother’s Day! Baby Portrait by Peyronet Photography

Favorite Gifts is What Zookbinders Does Best

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