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Professional Wedding Album Spotlight on Replica Albums

Lustre Book and Replica

Albums for professional photographers come in all shapes and sizes. Naturally, it’s the big 12 x 12 wedding album with an acrylic cover that gets all the attention. Who can look away from all that sparkle?  However, while couples swoon over their big fat professional wedding album, the mighty, (and mini) Replica Albums can please the masses, or at least the MOBs. In this professional wedding album spotlight on Replica Albums, we’re going to talk all about this fabulous gift for parents, grandparents, godparents, or siblings. 

What’s in a name?

Replica Albums are a carbon copy of the main album. Just a little bit smaller and with a photo wrap cover that replicates the main album’s unique cover design

Sometimes the Replica Album is referred to as a “small”, a parent album, a clone, or a brag book. It’s important to note that whatever you call it, when ordering a Replica you are getting an album with a duplicate design and a photographic representation of the main album’s cover.

Choose Your Style

Replica Albums come in two different album types. You can order a Replica Album as a Luster Book or an EZ Book. The difference between the Replica Luster Book and the Replica EZ Book is the thickness of the pages.

  • Luster books have a substrate in between the photographic prints, making the pages less flexible and more sturdy. Pages are about the thickness of a dime.
  • The EZ Book has two photographic prints attached back to back, resulting in a more flexible page. The albums are thinner and the price point is lower. 
Professional Wedding Album Spotlight on Replica Albums, replica, Professional Wedding Album Spotlight on Replica Albums
This comparison shows the EZ Book and Lustre Book side by side. The Lustre Book, with the navy cover, has the thicker pages.

Adding On Albums 

Ordering Replica Albums is simple. We’re not doing a new album design, and we’re not choosing a new album cover. We’re simply making a copy of the original work of art; the couple’s main wedding album. This makes adding additional albums to your order very easy, which means adding more income to each event. 

When offering sets of albums, like a main album and two parent albums, you may want to consider having a few options for clients to choose from. You know we love a “Good, Better, Best,” situation for any type of sales. Here’s an example: 


2 – 6×6 EZ Book Replicas. 

Cute and compact with thin pages and a photo wrap cover that matches the main album.


2 – 8×8 Luster Book Replicas. 

Small but stunning, with thicker pages and a photo wrap cover that matches the main album.


1 – 8×8 Luster Book with a matching design and the matching custom cover

Pretty and petite, A Mini Me of the main album.*

*Note, this is not a Replica Album. It’s just an order for another regular Luster Book album using the same design with your choice of cover. This is a premium parent album and comes in at a higher cost. You can also offer a unique album design and at that point, you just have an order for a second custom wedding album

Professional Wedding Album Spotlight on Replica Albums, replica, Professional Wedding Album Spotlight on Replica Albums
The photo wrap cover on the replicas looks just like the main albums’ splash cameo, shown here on this Lustre Book wedding album.

Not Just for Weddings

Replica Albums can be added on to high school senior sessions, newborn collections, Mitzvah album orders, or corporate events. Once images are created, edited, and an album design has been made, you can really order as many albums as you like from an event. It’s just a click in the ordering system, so why not create little duplications of the main album for anyone who wants to purchase?

When it comes to pricing, keep it simple. Many photographers just add a fixed amount over their cost for profit on an album. If a 15-spread 8×8 EZ Book Replica is $125, just add $150. That’s just an example, you do you.

This professional wedding album spotlight on replica albums shows that good things come in small packages. Replicas are a turnkey way to add bucks to your bottom line.

Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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