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Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers

Splash Cameo | Zookbinders

Splash Covers 

Zookbinders offers a wide variety of options for our professional wedding albums. There’s a lot to take in while paging through our catalog. In our new blog series, Album Feature Highlights, we will focus on one album characteristic, or option. A deep dive into the details assures that professional photographers will have the best understanding of ALL the features that are sure to impress clients. Our focus in this article: Splash Covers.

Is your standard wedding album a 10×10 with a black full leather cover and imprinting? While a classic crowd-pleaser, it might not hold the interest of today’s customers. Clients in 2023 are looking for their personal brand to be all over their special event,  including their unique professional photo album. We invited you to step outside the traditional photo album and check out Zookbinders’ Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers.

Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers, Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers, Zookbinders
This Zook Book with a white cover and a splash of pink and gold gilding is the perfect pairing for this Bat Mitzvah Album.

Splash What?

What is a Splash Cover? The name says it all. A Splash Cover allows you to select the main leather color and add a highlight, or a “splash of color”, that wraps across the album’s front and back, or vertically on the front. It’s that traditional full-leather wedding album with a little something extra! 

Splash covers are always going to be made with glove leather because of its superior flexibility and supple texture. While standard leather is gorgeous and durable, it doesn’t make the cut for displaying a smooth transition from one leather color to the next. 

When creating a splash cover, our production team masterfully brings two pieces of glove leather together. They seamlessly sit side by side as the pieces are bonded to the album. This type of customized cover can only be produced by hand, making this a unique and artisanal album cover choice.


Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers, Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers, Zookbinders
Pair any two of these fantastic glove leather colors together to make your own unique splash cover.

So Much Color!

With Splash Covers the combinations are endless. Our glove leather catalog has 20 colors to choose from.  With unique options like lime, aquaberry, and clementine, you can imagine the creative possibilities. Plus you can upgrade to a splash cover on the Zook Book OR Luster Book.

Using two leather colors gives you an opportunity to match the colors of the wedding party or highlight the brand, or signature logos of a mitzvah or quinceañera. Look at the color palette from any event and set the tone of your album cover with the hues you choose. Color choices can create bold contrast like purple and white, or keep things subtle and muted by combining gray and sage. 

Splash covers are also an excellent way for high school seniors to personalize their portrait albums. Choose two leather colors that give a nod to their high school’s, or future college’s, team colors.


But wait, there’s more …

While Splash covers are beautiful on their own, adding a cameo image is a great way to further customize a wedding album cover. Spoiler alert: Cameos themselves will be another album feature highlight blog, but we can’t help but mention them here.  Zookbinders has 6 Traditional Cameos options and 9 Creative Cameos making personalizing a cover for your customers a collaboration that will turn an everyday wedding album into a one-of-a-kind keepsake. 

Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers, Album Feature Highlights: Splash Covers, Zookbinders
Splash Cameos let you get even more creative with your customized album covers.

Show it!

The best way to show clients the albums that you offer is to have plenty of studio samples on hand. Descriptive words are great but nothing beats showing clients what you mean by, “a custom designed wedding album,” than the real thing. Zookbinders continues to offer a generous 50% off studio samples. Be sure to get your samples ordered for the upcoming Bridal Show Season! 

Splash covers are a professional album feature highlight that is bound to catch your client’s attention. They are a great opportunity to upgrade the look of your brand while also creating a great experience for your customers!

Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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