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What’s New at Zookbinders for 2023

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Happy new year! As the calendar flips from December to January, individuals and businesses feel a sense of revitalization and innovation. A new year feels like a fresh start, a time for resolutions and positive changes. The new year also means the launch of the new Zookbinders’ professional album catalog and an update on products and services. Here’s an overview of what’s new Zookbinders in 2023.

New Gilding & Foil Colors 

Midway through 2022 we saw an increased demand for copper and rose gold gilding and foil colors. These trending colors have been incredibly popular for newlyweds wanting a more modern professional wedding album.  Although they are not in the ordering system yet, these new colors can be added to your order by simply emailing customerservice@zookbinders.com or reaching out by phone at 847-272-5745.

Coming soon … red and blue foil and gliding. Perfect for Mitzvahs! 

new, What’s New at Zookbinders for 2023
Gilding and foil are now available in black, silver, gold, rose gold, and copper.

Spine Stamping & Center Stamping 

Spine stamping and center stamping used to be available through our ROES ordering system. As we migrated over to ZookiePro those options were no longer available. However, based on customer requests we have now rebooted center stamping and spine stamping! This adds a great option for customizing a wedding album cover and elevates the album to the next level. 

Spine stamping and center stamping are elegant ways to personalize an album for a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, senior portrait, or quinceanera. Check out our updated Luster Book and Zook Book web pages for some beautiful examples of these two imprinting options. Currently not available in the ordering system, you can add these options by again simply contacting customer service. Be sure you have an order reference number in order to expedite the manual update.

Slipcases are Back! 

Speaking of reboot, slipcases are once again being offered. Slipcases are a beautiful way to house several volumes of albums from an event. Even a single slipcase delivers impact and luxury for clients who love a little bit extra. 

Slipcases are custom-made to fit each album or set of albums. These handcrafted boxes are covered in leather to match the album stored within. Slipcases are definitely a great upgrade to any Luster Book or Zook Book and take your packaging to the next level! 

new, What’s New at Zookbinders for 2023
This triple slipcase for a three-volume album set is a stand-alone work of art!

 Ask an Expert 

Are you a professional photographer who’s just getting started with  Zookbinders? Need a product and services consultation? New to selling albums and need help with pricing? We’re here for that! We now have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with one of our Album Experts  – who also happen to be professional photographers. You can schedule your meeting here; Ask an Expert!  


Our Ask an Expert service is for those professionals who want to have a deeper conversation about sales, marketing, and profitability. Need a status check, have a repair request, or wondering how to design a photo wrap cover? Customer Service is your go-to for all those queries…if pricing albums in your collections is giving you a headache – Ask and Expert

 New Packaging Pouches 

After stocking out of the brocade pouches in 2021 we’ve been searching for a packaging solution that will look stylish and protect albums with leather covers. That solution has been delivered and we are now packaging all leather-bound albums and Bon a’ Vie albums in a white silk pouch. They will continue to be secured snuggly in our gray linen boxes.



At Zookbinders we’re all about traditions and innovations. When we launched the reflections covers over 15 years ago, its thick glossy presentation was a very contemporary look for a unique wedding album cover. 

Over the years, other products, like acrylic covers, were introduced and simultaneously became more popular. We felt that due to soft sales and increasing production costs, it was time to retire this cover option. The Reflections cover will no longer be available.   

new, What’s New at Zookbinders for 2023
The acrylic cover. pictured above, is a beautiful and durable replacement for the Reflections cover. Photo credit Jay Seth Photography

Pricing Increases for 2023 

Zookbinders is committed to managing the cost of our material and labor in order to provide exceptional professional albums to all our valued clients. This year, like many companies, we have incurred a slight increase in the cost of products and services throughout the catalog. 

While wanting to remain competitive, we also want to ensure that the high quality and standards of our professional album production stay the same. We want to make sure they are not hindered by cutting corners or using inferior stock items. Please take the time to review our 2023 catalog which will go into effect on January 16, 2023, in order to be up-to-date on your current cost of goods. 

Being that the first quarter is a slower time for the photography industry in general, it’s an excellent time to work on your business instead of in your business. Analyzing growth as well as shortcomings will keep you on top of providing the best experience and services to your clients. Reviewing the new catalog and learning what’s new at Zookbinders will keep you on top of your profitability while delivering premium professional albums. We look forward to an exciting new year!

Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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