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High-Quality Wedding Albums Made in the USA

4th Of July

When choosing a wedding album company, professional photographers look for certain qualities. High on the list: a wide variety of unique albums styles, industry knowledge and longevity, and an album design service. While all these things are important, many overlook the benefits of purchasing professional wedding albums from a US company. Working with a manufacturer that creates high-quality wedding albums made in the USA should be a determining factor when choosing a vendor. Here’s why. 


Feeling Good

Buying handmade wedding albums from a US company is something to feel good about. Being thoughtful about where your resources are coming from and where your money is going is an ethical business decision. The idea of shopping local and supporting small businesses is a popular social statement. Buying in the USA is just a bigger version of shopping locally. People take pride in buying American products.

Many of your clients might also appreciate your decision to support American workers rather than going elsewhere. Share your purchasing statement in a marketing piece to get the word out. In addition to positive feedback from clients, there are other ways of purchasing within the US can benefit your business


The Cost of Traveling

With great photo albums available in the United States, why go so far away to buy albums? While long-distance relationships with vendors might make you feel worldly, it’s hard to defend the carbon footprint. Why should a couple’s wedding album spend more time overseas than they did on their honeymoon? 

Other downsides of working with countries all over the globe are longer turnaround times and higher shipping charges.  Sometimes shipping charges are built into the price of your album to absorb the cost.  You should ask yourself, are you paying for a high-quality album or travel fees for some paper and leather?


High-Quality Wedding Albums Made in the USA, High-Quality Wedding Albums Made in the USA, Zookbinders
A gorgeous full spread on a flush mount Lustre Book. Image Courtesy of Nate Heckenberger Photography

The American Consumer

Professional photographers get referrals based on their reputation. Delivering a quality product is a must. Manufacturers based in the United States understand the American consumer. They are demanding and they expect to get their money’s worth. This means paying careful attention to the details and quality control. Finding a company that makes professional wedding albums in the United States can elevate your confidence in the albums that you are delivering. 

Additionally, if there are any flaws or areas of concern, you should be able to reach out to an understanding manufacturer who will remedy any issue to make sure you’re delivering the most beautiful handcrafted album


Just “Okay” Isn’t Good Enough

It is a reality that cheaper albums are made with cheaper materials and produced overseas with cheaper labor. Photo album companies that pop up overnight are often partnering with a large manufacturer doing volume work at low prices. Volume isn’t necessarily a bad thing but quality control may be minimal in order to get albums out quickly. You may be disappointed in the product you purchased.

In the consumer’s eyes what you deliver may be similar to something that they can get online from a national chain. Clients may be “okay” with their album, but is that really what you want your brand to be – just “okay”? Although the low price point may be tempting, it’s a risk that could cost you more in the long run.


High-Quality Wedding Albums Made in the USA, High-Quality Wedding Albums Made in the USA, Zookbinders
Zookbinders production plant is right outside Chicago, Illinois.

Buying in the US

Zookbinders albums are made in the good old US of A, in a suburb just north of Chicago. As our nation turns 243 this July 4, Zookbinders is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. Twenty-five years means a lot of changes.

Over its history, Zookbinders has been innovative in meeting the needs of professional photographers while consistently producing high-quality professional albums here in the USA.  Zookbinders provides stunning albums along with services like album design to help professional photographers create beautiful lasting memories in albums that will stand the test of time. 


Happy 4th of July & Happy Birthday to Zookbinders!

Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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