Having a beautiful wedding album is one thing. Having a custom wedding album with unique details is so much more exciting. Just like the signature monogram on a designer bag, the hand-stitching on a great pair of shoes, or the fit of the perfect pair of jeans; the fine details are something to obsess over. While a black leather wedding album is the industry standard, a unique wedding album with customized details creates a one-of-a-kind keepsake.


When delivering an album which would you like your clients to say?

“Thank you so much!” 

“Gee this is nicer than we thought.”

“OOOOOH my gosh!!! This has got to be the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are obsessed! Love it!”


Creating something customized for a couple can really elevate their experience.  Although customization isn’t for everyone, and of course it costs more, there certainly is a market for it. There are consumers who are looking for that little something extra, and they’re willing to pay for.  Here’s a great read on why people like to buy expensive things.

0006 GildingColors

Zookbinders offers three gilding colors on Zook Books: Gold, Silver, and Black. This makes the perfect accent to any wedding album!


What are your clients telling you?

 It’s important to listen when working with your customers. Pay attention to cues that they want to feel special, be non-traditional, and unique. Watch their reaction when they see something that is “the norm”. If a customer seems unimpressed by a black leather album with imprinting, that’s because they are. It’s not that they don’t like the idea of a professional wedding album. They want an album that speaks to them. Here are a few scenarios to consider. Imagine how you can sell the uniqueness of customization. 


Original Art

Let’s say while getting to know your client you notice that they have a sleek and clean appearance. They dress in mostly black and white. They like modern furniture, fashion, and art. To start a conversation, you might say something like, “I can tell that you guys are not like other people. You are probably looking for something a little more contemporary, something a little more your style.”


You might suggest upgrading that 10×10 standard leather Lustre Book to a 12×12  thick page Lustre Book. Add black glove leather to the cover, and a white leather splash and a cameo. Offer to have their name and date branded without foil for a clean look.  


All the Shiny Things

While meeting with another customer you pick up one their bolder flashier sense of style. As you look at samples together they might be attracted to glittery accents and chandeliers. After showing them the standard album that is included in their package, you might offer to then customize the details. That way they’ll get the unique wedding album they always dreamed of. In this case maybe a 10 x 10 Zook Book with gold gilding. Add an acrylic cover for that extra sparkle.


Acrylic Cover

An acrylic cover makes a spectacular upgrade to any wedding album!


Rustic & Boho

Say you are working with a couple who are a little more low-key. They like the outdoors and grabbing a cup of coffee at the farmers market. They’re always wearing flip-flops and they’re super easy to get along with. The basic leather album just doesn’t appeal to them. Not that they don’t want their images printed but they might think the traditional album is stuffy. You might suggest, “I get the sense that the standard album really isn’t your style. My favorite new cover option is canvas. We can create a custom cover that looks really natural and has a nice texture.”


Unique Wedding Albums

Canvas covers can be super creative. Add images, names or both!


There are so many beautiful detail options for professional wedding albums. Zookbinders offers the versatility of several different album product lines along with customization options. Exploring the catalog and website to learn more about the different options will give you the upper hand. Get solid on pricing and you’ll have some great upgrades up your sleeve. You’ll give clients a luxury experience when you create something special just for them. Their wedding album isn’t simply a book full of images, it’s a unique wedding album with custom details. It is a piece of art.