It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no….it’s my wedding photographer!

It seems that more and more photographers are investing in drones as they become more affordable than they once were (back in their military surveillance days). With drone photography, a photographer can shoot breath taking aerial shots of the ceremony, venue and the surrounding landscape, giving the couple a birds eye view of their wedding day. But is it worth the time and crew needed? In order to control a drone you need a “pilot”. This person is highly experienced (or should be) in controlling the movements, speed, height and turns of the drone, while the photographer controls the camera aspect. That’s 2 more people you have to add to your day if you still plan on taking traditional images from your DSLR at the same time. Of course if you already have the crew for this, then you are sure to make a pretty penny for offering this service. Most photographers are charging around $400 for 30 minutes.

As we watch so many photographers embracing this unique new trend, others are not so interested. Some photographers claim that there is a lot of room for mistakes (with potential to ruin a wedding ceremony) and others fear that the noise from the drone could be very distracting. So we wanted to take a look at the good and the bad. Checkout the videos below.

When drone weddings go right:

When drone weddings go wrong: