Although we proudly manufacture albums in the US (in our Chicago facility), there are many services we have been providing virtually for years. Services such as album design, album selection, retouching, photo editing, video editing, and web design since way before Covid-19.

Today we add a new virtual product to our cloud-based “menu” at Zookbinders:   Virtual Pecan Pies.

That’s right! Zero calories, no-guilt pecan pies to enjoy. It’s our big pecan pie thank you!


Vintage tradition with a digital twist

Let me explain – back in the late ’90s, Zookbinders wanted to express our gratitude in a special (and edible) way. Rather than send cards and gifts in December, we decided to kick-off the gift-giving season by sending Pecan Pies.

The best part was choosing a Pecan Pie vendor.   We gathered many pecan pies (my personal favorite holiday treat) and had an employee taste testing in the office.  After many lunchtimes of raging sugar highs, votes were cast, a winner was chosen, and pies were sent to customers.

The thought of gathering together and sharing pie to taste test seems a bit unwise right now. However, we do want to extend our gratitude in a special way.  Therefore please accept our virtual pecan pie, along with a very heartfelt thank you for your support in 2020.

A virtual slice of pecan pie for each of our pro photographers!

A virtual slice of pecan pie for each of our pro photographers!

Year of uncertainty

2020 was a tough year – Pro Photographers were impacted in an unprecedented way, hoarding cash, Lysol, and other necessities. Many of us weren’t sure what the next week would bring, let alone the end of 2020.

By mid-March, the Illinois government mandated that we close our business for 9 weeks.  It was a tough time for photographers and album companies, and we often wondered how many albums would be ordered during and after the lockdown.

When we reopened in late May, something amazing happened: we received album orders in an abundance. It was thrilling, and we did everything possible to keep from doing cartwheels!

When we started looking at the wedding dates, we saw so many from 2018, 2016, and even 2011!  During the lockdown, photographers were busy prompting their past clients to “finally order their wedding album”, and this brilliant initiative not only provided some much-needed revenue for photographers but kept orders flowing through our shop!

A surge of albums not only meant business for Zook, but also extra revenue for photographers!

A surge of albums not only meant business for Zook, but also extra revenue for photographers!

Welcoming 2021 with open arms

The end to a long year has arrived, and although 2020 was not the “Banner Year” we had predicted, we can honestly say we have never been so proud and thankful for each of you. Every order was received with appreciation. Every album was made with gratitude and love. Each client was even more appreciated.

And every one of you deserves a hug and a pecan pie.

In the meantime, please accept our virtual gratitude in place of all we wish we could give because we are all in awe of each of you. Your resilience, hard work, and persistence have kept Zookbinders going and we couldn’t be more thankful.  Wishing you great health and prosperity in 2021!


Mark Zucker and the Zookbinders Team