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What is a Flush Mount Professional Wedding Album?


For many professional photographers, their go-to album for any event is the flush mount photo album.  To wedding couples, the term “flush mount professional wedding album” sounds like industry jargon, rather than the description of a premium photo album. Let’s talk about what a flush mount album is and then how to describe it in terms that will interest and entice clients.

Flush Mount Wedding Albums = Panoramic Album Spreads

A flush mount album features seamless panoramic spreads. In other words, each print extends from the left to the right of the album without any gap or a break in the middle.  This design allows for an uninterrupted display of beautiful images. It also creates a more immersive viewing experience when looking at a wedding album. 

Both the Zook Book and the Lustre Book by Zookbinders, are flush-mount albums for professional photographers, allowing for panoramic prints that can be as large as 12×24 inches.

Flush Mount Wedding Albums, What is a Flush Mount Professional Wedding Album?
This flush mount Zook Book has sliver guiding which looks elegant with the black glove leather cover.

High-Quality Flush Mount Albums are Durable

Unmounted photos, if bent, can be damaged beyond repair. Unfortunately, once a photo’s finish or emulsion is cracked it’s only a matter of time before the print starts to deteriorate. Adhering a photographic print to an archival mat or board will help preserve the physical print for its intended life. 

Flush mount photo albums, like the Zook Book and Lustre Book, are constructed with sturdy and rigid pages that are resistant to bending, tearing, or warping. Photographic prints will be bound to these pages as the album goes through the assembly process. Therefore, this process ensures that your wedding album and your memories can withstand a lot of page-turning over the years. 

Flush Mount Wedding Albums Lay Flat

The term “lay flat album” can mean different things depending on the type of paper and the binding method used in creating a photo album.  However, not all lay-flat albums are flush-mount albums. A flush mount album doesn’t have a gutter, an inner seam where two pages come together. The pages of the album are carefully crafted to lie flat when they open. This design element ensures that no portion of the image is lost in the center crease. This provides a captivating viewing experience for the page-turning audience

When the album opens to a full panoramic spread, the ability for the flush mount album to lay flat creates an amazing visual impact! 

Flush Mount Wedding Albums, What is a Flush Mount Professional Wedding Album?
The construction of a flush mount album allows it to lay flat preventing any part of the image from being lost in the gutter between album pages.

Flush Mount Albums are a Work Of Art

How to describe this to clients? For starters, you need wedding album examples! Studio samples are a must when offering high-quality professional photo albums to clients. Your descriptive words are helpful, but they only take the experience so far. For your customers to be able to page through a beautifully handcrafted leather photo album provides a tactile experience that really makes an impression. 

Create interest by coming up with names for your album types that elicit feelings. Calling something a Lustre Book and describing it as a flush mount album is as exciting as reading your car’s extended warranty.  Speak to clients in a language that gets them excited about what you offer! If you struggle, try this: THESAURUS.COM


The Lustre Book is the Storyteller Album 

“In the Storyteller Album, the trip from one side of the spread to the other is seamless. The lay-flat album construction allows for a cohesive wedding album design. Your layout can showcase the events and emotions of your wedding day in chronological or thematic order, creating a visual narrative that captures the essence of the entire event. Best yet, since it’s created with durable professional products, your album is made to last a lifetime.”  

Flush Mount Wedding Albums, What is a Flush Mount Professional Wedding Album?
This Luster album spread is designed so that the layout flows across the center of the spread without interruption.

The Zook Book is the Impact Album  

“The Impact Album has a stunning presentation. Panoramic images are bonded to archival mat boards and trimmed with gilding. The thick, lay-flat pages and high-quality printing give the album a luxurious and sophisticated feel. It will be a beautiful centerpiece or coffee table book that you can proudly display. Your friends and family won’t be able to take their eyes off it for years to come.”


Flush mount wedding albums provide exceptional print quality, seamless spreads, an elegant presentation, and long-term preservation. These benefits make them a popular choice among photographers who want a high-end and lasting keepsake for their clients. 

We’ve recently updated our Zook Book page on our website with new images for your inspiration. Check out all the options for a flush mount Zook Book HERE!

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Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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