The Lustre Book 

It is said that variety is the spice of life, but sometimes too many options can make decision-making difficult. Offering a variety of professional wedding album options to your clients is great. However, having a “good to” album, something you know is a crowd-pleaser, is super helpful. How do you figure out what the product is? We’ve got you covered! In this Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: Lustre Book blog, we’re going to talk about Zookbinders’ Lustre Book, a favorite of photographers and their clients.

What’s with the Name?

The Lustre Book is a lay-flat album printed on professional photographic luster paper. Although the name is pretty generic, there are plenty of options available. The Lustre Book can be customized to match your brand or your client’s preferences. Not only is the Lustre Book an excellent wedding album, but it’s also perfect for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah album or a senior portrait album. 

Note: You can be creative when naming this album in your collections. Try The Storyteller Album, or The Gallery Album, to let clients know that this modern album is the perfect way to showcase your favorite images.  

ALL the Details!

The Lustre Book is truly a blank canvas. It can accommodate a digital design with limitless possibilities. Its flush mount construction allows images to expand all the way to the ends of the page. The panoramic spreads are folded so that there is no gap in the design. As a result, hero images span impressively uninterrupted on a full spread. 

Lay Flat Album

The flush mount style of the Lustre Book gives impact to big bold images in your album design.

Let’s go through ALL the details of the Lustre Book, to understand all options for one of Zookbinders most popular albums. The items italicized are exclusive to the Lustre Book.

Sizes & Spreads

  • The Lustre Book is available in 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 as the MAIN album and in 6×6 and 4×4 as a REPLICA album.
  • The lay-flat spreads allow for a transitioning from one page to the next without a break in the print.
  • You can begin your album design on the right or left side of the album.
  • The Lustre Book can accommodate a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 45 spreads.


  • The pages are 1/32” thick (about the thickness of a dime).
  • For an additional charge, you can add thick pages to a Lustre Book. At 1/16 of an inch, thick pages are about the width of a nickel.
  • The corners of the pages are square and the edges are white, for a clean modern look.
  • The end sheets of the album are black photographic paper that has a light pattern. 
White Pages

Regular or thick, the pages of the Lustre Book have square corners and a white core for a modern look. 



  • Choose from Lustre or Metallic silver halide paper.
  • Finish the prints with a Lustre or Glossy coating.

Cover Options

  • A Photo Wrap Cover is included with the Luster Book.
  • Choose from 25+ leather options including glove and distressed (extra charges apply.)
  • Other cover upgrades include Leather Spine with Photo, Canvas, Leather Spine with Canvas, Japanese Silk, Cameo or Dual Cameos, Splash and Splash Cameos, and Acrylic. (That’s MORE options than the Zook Book!)

Share it!

Zookbinders has created a great Sales and Marketing tool for the Lustre Book.  It’s an easy way to show all the details of the Lustre Book with clients. You can even share it with couples who didn’t opt for an album with their original package. 

While words are great, they don’t do justice to seeing a professional wedding album in person. Often brides and grooms have only seen their parents’ “old school” wedding album with individual prints on each page. In addition, the more recent albums they may have seen are of the DIY-your-vacation-photos variety. Therefore, help your client understand the value and the details of the Lustre Book by getting yourself a studio sample album

If you’re new to ordering albums the Lustre Book is a great way to get started. As our Professional Wedding Album Spotlight: Lustre Book blog reveals, this album is extremely versatile. As a result, if you’re looking for one album to offer all your clients, the Zookbinders’ Lustre Book is your go-to album.