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Part 3 of 6: Going Beyond in Marketing

Zookbinders | Going Beyond in Marketing

This blog is third in our new series: What your business can learn from 2018 wedding trends. These wedding photography marketing tips may come handy for you if you want to boost up your ads on social media!

Beyond the hashtag: Diversify & Pinterest-ify to score big interest

Make sure your Pinterest and Instagram are up to date.  At least 30% of all brides are looking here before getting engaged to make their “Inspiration Board”. 64% of brides use Pinterest! 

Speaking of advertising, double-check the amount of diversity on your social media and website. 58% of all couples marry someone with a different background. Additionally, include couples that are in their 20’s, but also couples in their 30’s and 40’s. The average age is 33.

Beyond the post: Don’t let “Game of Thrones” be the only thing missing from Sunday night

80% of the couple’s time planning their wedding is online. With the peak mobile usage from 9pm  – midnight, and Sunday being the most popular planning day, 39% plan on mobile and 41% plan on a desktop/laptop.  Double-check all your marketing. How does your website look on mobile? Are you sending boosted Facebook posts and ads on Sunday evenings? 

You have to think of advertising from the couple’s perspective. This isn’t about when it’s convenient for you to send something out. It’s about being convenient for the bride and/or groom. If you don’t have marketing software (such as Hootsuite or Spokal) that can schedule and track your posts, then utilize the scheduler on Facebook to organize when your posts will be live. You can also schedule emails through free software, such as MailChimp. Also, check your reports on your email distribution service and see when you have the highest rate of opens and click-throughs. 

Learn more and read the “Part 4: What a Couple Wants” where we analyze the wedding wire report for what brides are looking for when finding vendors, and how asking for a review instead of a tip can benefit your marketing.

Melissa Genson

Melissa Genson

Specialist in the Photographer Experience Dept at Zookbinders. Photographer since 110-format film cameras. Salesperson since lemonade & painted rocks. I now combine these passions, along with my compulsive need for customers to achieve success, every day.

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