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The services and education that Zookbinders provides focuses on helping photographers grow their businesses by creating beautiful professional wedding albums for their clients. Photographers know that every couple should have a beautifully designed wedding album, but clients may be clueless on why they even need an album. We invite you to steal this blog, well part of it, to educate your clients on all the benefits of having a professional wedding album.

If you have just added albums to your collections, or if you’ve offered professional wedding albums for years, you already understand why providing finished products to your clients is so important. Many in the industry are part of Facebook groups, educational platforms, and listen to podcasts touting the benefits and responsibility of creating lasting archival memories for their clients.

benefits, Steal This Blog!
An electronic image on a device can’t compete with a panoramic print of a professional album. This is how photographs were meant to be viewed!


So if you know, you know. But do your clients know?

Client education is important, but sometimes it can be cumbersome when couples come to the table with a digital-only mindset. Here’s some help untying your tongue and putting all the important info out there.

STEAL THIS BLOG! Let the masses know why professional wedding albums are a MUST!

All the copy from this blog going forward can be borrowed (wink-wink), customized, and added to your social media, on your website, and in your brochures. Keep in mind everything going forward is directed toward CLIENTS looking for photography services and albums.


8 Benefits of Having A Professional Wedding Album

Highest Quality

  • You deserve the highest quality. Professional photographic products, like wedding albums, are created with materials and craftsmanship that is superior to generic products offered to consumers. The photographs I create using my technical expertise and experience will only look their best when premium materials are used.


Showcase only the Best

  • In a wedding album, you can showcase the best of the best. Of course, you love all, or most, of the images from your wedding. However, highlighting your very favorites in a handcrafted wedding album allows you to create a personalized story of your celebration. I am here to help with that. From the fine details to the captured emotion, your story is unique to you. Selecting the best images to preserve in print is what a wedding album is all about


The Best Kind of Show Off

  • Treat your friend and family to a glimpse of your special day. Having a professional wedding album is a great way to show friends and family just the right amount of wedding photos. Scrolling through 2,000 images on your laptop or tablet sounds like punishment. Nobody wants to see 75 pictures of your dress however, they do want to see the favorite moments that you’ve chosen to include in your wedding album.


Make it Immortal

  • Albums are tactile permanent keepsakes. Wedding albums won’t become obsolete or lost because of changes in technology. Hard drives fail,  programs change, phones fall into toilets, and images become unseeable. A well cared for album will stand the test of time. Lo-tech means long-lasting!


Bring on the Romance

  • Wedding albums bring on the romance! You can look at an album any day, anytime, anywhere; no screens, no cords, no apps needed! You and your partner can easily revisit one of the most magical days of your lives by just turning a page. Looking through your unique wedding album, snuggling on the couch with a cup of coffee, or sipping wine at sunset, brings back all the feels.


Be Yourself

  • You do you. Don’t think of an album as a big black square with five by sevens slipped into it. There are so many options for covers and album designs. No two wedding albums are ever the same. Let’s create something that captures your personality, tastes, and sense of style. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customization.


Don’t Gamble on This

  • This is not the time to DIY. Can you make your own album using consumer products? Yes. As mentioned though, the quality and craftsmanship might not be on par with what your wedding pictures deserve. After all the time it takes to research, design and order an album, you may end up with something okay or you could be very disappointed. This is not a gamble I’m willing to let you take.


Your First Heirloom

  • A wedding album is your family’s first heirloom. Images make time stand still. The images in a professional wedding album will be easily accessible for generations to come. Can you imagine looking through your wedding album 10, 15, 20, or 25 years from now? What a treasure!  Wedding albums will allow you and the next generation to glimpse back at your younger selves at a different time in history. Truly amazing right!?
    benefits, Steal This Blog!
    This wedding photograph that was pulled out of an album from around 1888 is priceless. Several of this couple’s great, great, great-grandchildren are in their mid to late 20s, and many are soon tying the knot themselves.


Wedding albums are important to my clients and they are important to me. It’s my honor to help capture your celebration and I look forward to helping you create something truly precious for you both.

Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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