In the time starved life of a professional photographer, do you have albums sitting around your studio for weeks just waiting for your clients to come in and pick them up?

In our “need it yesterday” world do your clients insist that you just overnight it to them? Here’s a solution that will save you time and shipping expenses: Just have Zookbinders drop ship the album right to your client.

I already know what you’re thinking: “I don’t want my clients to see my invoice and know what I paid for their wedding album.” Here’s the reality: we NEVER include printed invoices in our packaging. That’s what the internet is for. Worried that the FedEx driver will dump the package on the front stoop where it might sit all day in a rainstorm? No chance. All drop ship orders are shipped with a signature requirement for security and your peace of mind. “How will I know that my client has actually received  their album?” We’ve thought of that one too. We’ll still email the shipping notice to you along with the tracking number. Forward it to your clients if you want to give them a heads up.

Best of all, Zookbinders only charges an additional $5 over regular shipping rates to drop ship ROES orders, and currently there is no additional charge to drop ship zookie pro orders.

So on your next album order, why not drop ship direct to your clients? All you’ll receive is accolades and undying gratitude from your clients, without all the bubble wrap.