Here in our Deerfield Illinois factory we have a bell that’s mounted on the wall that gets rung to herald of milestone events. We rang the bell ten years ago when we installed our photo lab and printed our first professional photobooks for photographers in-house. It rang for the first album we designed, when we got our first big Selection order upsell for a photographer (an EVERYDAY occurrence anymore!), and when we hit 1,000 likes on facebook, you get the picture.


Just recently the bell sounded again for another milestone. It was (drumroll please): the first time more than 50% of the albums we designed were approved with zero revisions! That’s right, more that half of all our designs last month were nothing but net! Split the uprights! Walk off homers! Go ahead and pick your own sports analogy! We’ve long been proud of our metrics that tell us the average album design is approved by your clients with something around three revisions. But to think that over half of your clients who approved designs in April didn’t want to change a thing–not a “switch that photo with number 403”, not a “can you make me thinner” or a “can you make that picture a B&W”.


If you’ve never tried our design service and would like to get out from under a lot of work for a small amount of money, there’s no time like now (while we are on a roll!)


Whether you are a large studio looking to better manage your workflow and control costs, or a sole proprietor who feels chained to your computer, Zookbinders design service is an invaluable outsource partner. Clean, contemporary designs with a fast turnaround time help you tell a luxury brand story at big box prices.  Choose one of our three design styles shown on our website and upload your images to us. You’ll select the book style and cover for your project and your design will be ready in just 3 to 7 days.


Our convenient online revisions process means there’s no need for third party preview sites or clumsy back-and-forth email instructions. Once your client approves the design they’ll be able to put the finishing touches on the album by choosing their favorite leather or material color (where appropriate), and even add replica album copies for parents and loved ones to their order at retail prices you set up. High-res JPEGs of your design will be available for download. The online preview of all your designs remain active so you can show them to prospective customers during consultations, or archive them on your website so visitors can see samples of your work.


We know change is never easy. That’s why there’s chocolate. It’s also why Zookbinders has Sales support. We’ll walk you through the process and help set up just the right preferences so you’ll get what you want right out of the box. Give us a call at 800 810-5745 ext 3, and find something else to do with your time!