I’ve been a relentless advocate for the printed photo and the importance of putting them in photo albums since the first day of digital photography. I’ll respectfully challenge anyone who believes that handing over digital files of an important event without something printed is “good enough”.

If you’re not totally convinced that we have an obligation to deliver printed photos, let me tell you about my recent trip to the Holocaust museum in Chicago with our COO Cherry Stubler.  Seeing all of the photos of the events leading up to Germany’s rise to power, and their brutal treatment of all “undesirables” was hard to stomach. As we were close to finishing the tour, we saw many ‘before and after’ displays of family photos. That’s when Cherry said:  “without photos documenting the events, nobody would have believed this could have happened”.

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So while we visited the museum to pay respects to the families that suffered, and to teach her children a valuable lesson about history, we left with a takeaway that reminded us of the importance of the printed photo. It left us with a renewed appreciation for the printed photo, and for the photographers that risked their lives to transport negatives and photos so that the world could see their images.

When I got back home, I took inventory of the photos I have displayed in my home. I counted 51 and that includes the photos that I have mounted on easels that hold up to 5 photos (which I try to rotate monthly). While I enjoy scrolling through the photos on my phone, as I continue to add more each month, I’m less likely to see each photo stored there. The only photos that I’m guaranteed to see are the photos that are printed.

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The truth is, 99.9% of all photos taken will never be printed, and thus forgotten. I will happily debate any bride and groom as to why they need to have their photos in a flush mount wedding album. As photographers and photo album makers, the most noble thing we can do is to continue to push for printing photos (for both albums and displays in homes), so that they can be enjoyed by current and future generations and never be forgotten.

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