Many of today’s brides have more photos posted on social media than you’ll capture on their wedding day. They may not have ever PRINTED A PHOTO in their whole life, so it’s understandable why some may not be interested in a professional wedding album.

Bride:  “Your work looks great, we’d like to hire you, but we really don’t want to pay for a professional wedding album

Photographer: “The wedding album is not for you”  (long pause for effect). “It’s for the children and grandchildren you may have someday”

Hand-crafted Professional Wedding Album | Zookbinders

If that doesn’t stop them in their tracks, mention that “some day your children will want to see how beautiful you looked on your wedding day – they’ll want to see your dress – they’ll want to see their grandparents and relatives that they’re now close to. They’re going to want to see the ‘Story of Your Day’, not 1,000 edited photos which frankly, may be hard to find”.

Hand-crafted Professional Wedding Album | Zookbinders

Photographer:  “This is why I include a hand-crafted professional wedding album with every wedding I photograph – it will be your family’s first heirloom, and it is the only tangible product money can buy that is guaranteed to increase in value every year”.

Bride:  “I get it – sign me up”

Shout out to Luke Edmonson, an outstanding wedding photographer in the Dallas, TX area as everything I’ve mentioned was shared by him.  

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