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Four Ways to Inspire Your Creativity

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For professional photographers, one of the best things about capturing a wedding or any special moment is seeing your amazing images in print. Revealing a finished professional wedding album to your clients is the culmination of all your artistry and hard work. To an outsider, it looks easy, but the pros know that keeping your creative juices flowing can be challenging, especially during busy seasons. Let’s look at four ways to inspire your creativity, so you can wow your couples and deliver images with impact! 

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Have you ever told someone that you are a professional photographer? Of course, you have! Responses to this statement can range from, “Wow, you must be so creative”, to “I bet you love what you do!”  You smile and shake your head politely. However, you know a photography business is more than just pretty pictures. 

The truth is, sometimes the day-to-day tasks of running your own operation can detract from what you truly love to do. With back-to-back weddings, events, and sessions it is easy to fall into a pattern of, “same stuff different day.” Of course, it is efficient to be able to flow from pose to pose, but if all your hero shots look the same, maybe it’s time to try something new. 

It can be challenging to find time for creative exploration, but think of it as innovative maintenance. You update cameras, lighting, and editing programs. You keep on top of the latest trends in printed products, custom wedding album covers, professional photo albums, and wedding album design styles. To ensure that you are delivering the best images that you can produce it’s imperative you continue with education and inspiration. 

Here are four ways to inspire your creativity.


  1. The Magazine Rack.

Take yourself down to wherever printed publications are sold and pick up a couple of magazines. Fashion magazines for both men and women can get you thinking about posing and lighting that shows off style and narrative. Hyper stylized imagery with different lighting treatments emphasizes wardrobe and details. How very “wedding!”

Also, look at editorial magazines where candid and lifestyle-type photography intermingle. Notice what you are drawn to and think about how similar situational lighting and composition can work their way into your style. As a professional photographer, incorporate your own style with some popular trends that work well together. 


  1. The Masterpieces

Art museums can be great influencers for your next unique wedding album. Check out  Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. ( The Renaissance artists, not the Turtles.) Watch how they utilize natural light to create storytelling focal points. 

 Look at the Romanticists’ and Realists’ works that dramatically depict “everyday” people rather than stiffly posed royalty. Almost journalistic in nature, their works tell stories. These are great references if you want to work on your photojournalist skills. 

If you want to get really creative with depth of field and color, check out those Impressionists. You’ll be playing with gels and your f/stop to emulate their soft yet vivid masterpieces.


professional photo album, Four Ways to Inspire Your Creativity, Zookbinders
Photo Credit Candid Moments Photography. This vividly colored lighting makes a great impression as a cover image on this professional photo album. 


  1. Go to the Movies

Find your inner muse in films! Watching a classic picture is especially helpful if you want to improve your candid photography. Pick something that stands up because of its cinematography. 

Watch your movie with no sound, so that you can focus on the narrative of the imagery. Watch the action and note what moments you’d want to capture in a single frame. Learn to anticipate the peak moments and the reactions to actions.  Make a list of traditional moments during an event or wedding that you might choose to capture in a similar way.  

  1. Style that Shoot

Styled photoshoots are hosted events that bring together multiple vendors and professional photographers to utilize sets and models for creating exploration and building portfolios.  Styled shoots are a fun and relaxed way to push your artistry and challenge yourself technically. With none of the burden of being on an actual job, you can literally try anything.

Styled shoots can be curated to feature a very specific trend. Some themes may be a little over the top for your everyday client. No worries this is you-time! Not every styled shoot belongs in a studio sample.  After the shoot, figure out how you can apply the new techniques you have mastered to your actual client work.


professional photo album, Four Ways to Inspire Your Creativity, Zookbinders
Photo Credit Jay Seth Photography. This creative album spread uses negative space and a projected design to illustrate tradition and ceremony.


If you read our blogs regularly, you know that we talk about professional photo albums pretty consistently.  In our defense, it is what we do best. Photographing is what you do best! Without your talent and expertise, the couples wouldn’t have professional photo albums to share with family, friends, and the next generation. Your ability to preserve memories and make time stand still is magical! Treat yourself and your imagination by trying at least one of these four ways to inspire your creativity soon.

Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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