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Create a Luxury Experience with Premium Wedding Albums

Zookbook with Acylic Cover

Wedding photographers know that there’s an opportunity for additional income when they sell professional wedding albums. In recent blogs, we have laid out the steps to selling a wedding album, and an engagement album to every couple. So, with pricing that is profitable and upsells that clients can’t resist, what’s left to do? Go big!  Create a luxury experience with premium wedding albums and increase the overall experience!

Many photographers have two or three options when it comes to collections; a good, a better, and a best.  Therefore, the goal is to sell that middle package and to appeal to a variety of budgets. Good, better, best is a good strategy because customers are choosing between “this or that” rather than saying yes or no to a purchase.  But, what if you had something better than best? Something simply AMAZING that will make couples say, “Wow!”  


 Premium Wedding Albums

Zookbinderspremium album is the Zook Book.  The Zook Book is a beautiful flush mount album. It comes with gorgeous gilded pages that are  1/16th of an inch thick, a full leather cover, and fabric end sheets. Add upgrades like glove leather, dual cameos, a splash of a second leather color, or a sparking acrylic album cover and you’ve now created a truly unique wedding album.  You can create a luxury experience with premium wedding albums that are a custom work of art! 

Therefore, if you’re offering a wedding album that’s the industry’s best, why not create a luxury experience to go along with that premium album. Don’t be bashful! This is a big ticket item. Many will be dumbfounded by its ostentatiousness, some will laugh, others will talk about it and maybe, some will actually buy it. 

What is Luxury 

Luxury is an indulgence, and who doesn’t like to splurge every once in a while?  However, creating luxury isn’t necessarily about adding more pages to a wedding album, or canvases to hang on the wall.  It can be about the experience, VIP treatment, and exclusivity. 

Every photographer’s brand and demographic is different. When creating your luxury experience, be sure you can talk about it realistically, excitedly and with a straight face. Although, you want to be sure to pay close attention to all your costs. When you see the grand total make a decision about your percentage. If you want to make an easy $500, do that. If you’re feeling bolder go ahead and add $5K. Keep in mind, if the package is the price of a small home, you might not get any takers.

Here are some wild ideas for creating luxury experiences with premium wedding albums

For starters, let’s say each collection has an engagement session, a Sign-in Book, unlimited hours of wedding day coverage, a 30×24 canvas, a 12×12 Zook Book with 125 images, and 2 8×8 replica parent albums.


The Sports Hero 

  • The engagement is at a field/stadium of the couple’s favorite professional team. It’s followed by a meet and greet photo op with a favorite player or two.
  •  They also receive a one-month training package geared towards the sport of they’re liking or just for fitness at an exclusive gym or club. 
  • At the wedding, they are given a signed team ball to display.
  • They’re 12×12 Zook Book with a Splash Cameo in their team’s colors will be waiting for them in a private VIP suite at the field/stadium where they will watch a great game with 10 of their friends.  
Create a Luxury Experience with Premium Wedding Albums, Create a Luxury Experience with Premium Wedding Albums, Zookbinders
Luxury can be an experience, an indulgence like a weekend trip, or a hike through a beautiful landscape.

The Oasis

  • The engagement session is done at a remote location famous for its beautiful vistas. After their session, the couple spends two nights at a rented home with a beautiful view. They enjoy a hike in the morning and a couple’s massage in the afternoon. 
  • They also receive a gift for in-home couples yoga to help them relax and be mindful for their celebration. 
  • Their 12×12 Zook Book with Sage Glove Leather and Branded Imprinting will be delivered to their home. That same evening, a personal chef will prepare a gourmet meal for them and 6 special guests.  
Create a Luxury Experience with Premium Wedding Albums, Create a Luxury Experience with Premium Wedding Albums, Zookbinders
Zookbinders Splash Cameo can be customized in many ways. This one has the couple’s names in a custom logo on their cameo image.

The Cinderella Collection

  • The engagement session is photographed in an exclusive mansion or property that may need a permit to get access to.  
  • After the session, they are presented with a gift basket with treats and  Cristal Champagne. 
  • The couple receives a package for private ballroom dance lessons. 
  • Before they are presented with their wedding album, a Zook Book with an Acrylic Cover, they are taken by horse-drawn carriage to an exclusive restaurant with a prix fixe menu. 
  •  Their album is waiting for them at the boutique hotel where they will spend the night, followed by breakfast in bed.  


There is no better time to have a little “extra” than when preparing for one of life’s most memorable celebrations.  Making your couples feel like VIPs before, during, and after their wedding will make you top of mind when it comes to giving referrals. Is this a little over the top? Sure! That’s what makes it special!  Creating a luxury experience with premium wedding albums is not for every client, but don’t let that stop you from adding something extraordinary to your wedding collections. 

Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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