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How to Talk About Professional Wedding Albums

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If you are currently selling wedding albums or are just getting started, it’s possible that you have encountered objections to an album purchase. You know that having a professional wedding album is going to be a wonderful experience for your client. However, customers might not understand this.  Some folks may be watching their budget, and other couples might not be familiar with high-end wedding albums. It’s up to you to educate your clients on your service and the professional products that you offer. How you talk about professional wedding albums can help your customers better understand their importance. 

Objections can be based on preconceived ideas. Remember that the objection isn’t necessarily a no. When presented with something new, clients need a little more information in order to help them make their decision. Having conversations about wedding albums helps with that. 

People can’t be interested in something they don’t know about. Many couples have had friends and family members only receive the digital download from their wedding photographer. Potential customers might think that is the ONLY option they have.  Not everyone has been shown the possibility of a customized wedding album, so it’s up to you to share that with them. 

Here are some great scripted comments to help you articulate and educate potential clients.  How you talk about professional albums creates value and interest in albums. 


When talking about your collections

  • “Providing my clients with a professional wedding album is the BEST way to preserve images from one of the most important events of their lives. That’s why I INCLUDE a wedding album in all my collections.”


  • “After being in this industry for XX years, I realize that it’s my duty as the professional to provide a premium wedding album to my clients. A wedding album that shows off all the best images is a work of art. That’s why albums are included in all my packages.” 


  • “You know I always felt that providing just the digitals was like delivering a half-finished project. Like I’m delivering the client dough, cheese, and sauce but they have to make their own pizza. It feels like an incomplete service to me, so I include wedding albums in all my custom collections.”


Once clients understand the value of a professional album they’ll be more comfortable making a purchase decision

When clients Want to DYI their album 

  • “Why should you guys do all the work? All kidding aside, DIY projects aren’t always the best idea. Getting a high-quality wedding album is easy.  I have access to professional wedding album designs and custom wedding albums that are not available to consumers. Wouldn’t you feel better about me letting me fulfill the album order so you get the best product out there?” 


  • “I get that you want to help select photos and approve the layout. That’s great! My workflow allows for all of that. The awesome part is you don’t have to spend tons of time doing this all yourself.” 


  • “Don’t worry about having to make your own album. Since you are hiring a professional photographer you get the benefit of a professional wedding album, rather than consumer products.”
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When a couple questions why they need an album 

“I remember my mom showing me her wedding album. I just love looking at all the details. It was so cool seeing family and my parents looking so young!  I can’t imagine not delivering that same thing to my clients! I want my couples to be able to share these memories with their children.”


 “Digital files seem so temporary to a lot of people. I know family and friends who have accidentally misplaced lost or deleted files. Without proper storage, you might lose everything. I feel like backing your images up to a leather-bound book is the best way to preserve them for a lifetime.”


“After spending so much time getting to know you guys and being asked to photograph one of the most important days of your lives I can’t even imagine only giving you digitals. Albums are included in the packages so it’s a win-win for you. And, no one has ever come back to me and said, “Gosh I wish you just gave us the digitals!”


Armed with this arsenal of comebacks and passionate explanations, you should be able to share what offering professional albums truly means to you. Customize the verbiage to your brand and repeat it all the time.  After a while, it will become second nature. How you talk about professional wedding albums sets the tone with your client. 


Here’s one more.


“The images on your wedding day can never be replaced. Store the digital files safely and preserve very best in a custom wedding album “

Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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