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Beyond Professional Wedding Albums

Copy of Bon A Vie Family Album

And now for something completely different…

At Zookbinders, much of the focus in our marketing and articles is about wedding albums for professional photographers. Sure, we’ll talk about sign-in books and senior portrait albums however, many of our services including, album design and selection, are focused to help professional wedding photographers sell albums to every client. In this 5-part blog series, we’ll go beyond professional wedding albums and talk about other uses for hand-crafted photographic albums

Creating photographic prints of the images you make provides your clients with a tangible way to preserve their memories. It’s important to print your images. Some photographers insist that if it’s not printed, it’s not really a photograph. 

During an event, or photo session, many images are created and the best of the best deserve to be physically printed. However, most clients don’t have unlimited wall space, nor do they want 30 pictures for their son’s Bar Mitzvah framed and hanging in the hallway. Therefore, professional photographic albums are the perfect portfolio for nearly any type of photography project.

professional wedding albums, Beyond Professional Wedding Albums, Zookbinders
Bat Mitzvah photography by: North Shore Photography. Bar and Bat Mitzvah albums are the second most popular type of professional albums ordered by Zookbinders customers. This Zook Book with a slash cameo goes perfectly with the event!


Question: What Types of albums do you offer?
Answer:  All of them!

 We’ll dig deeper into how to market and sell albums for a variety of different types of events and sessions in future blogs. For now, here are some suggestions and opportunities to offer different types of photographic albums to your clients. When going beyond professional wedding albums, think outside the box.


Special Celebrations

Obviously, weddings are special celebrations, but Bar and Bat Mitzvah albums are the second most popular type of event albums that Zookbinders produces. All the services that Zookbinders offers for wedding albums can easily be adapted to a Mitzvah client. 

Similarly, other important milestone celebrations can also include an album of images. Baptisms, First Communions, Quinceaneras, and Sweet 16 Parties all make great memory books. 


Boudoir & Glamor Photography 

Personal portraits are becoming more and more popular. These sessions can include anything from intimate images with lingerie and seductive posing, to haute couture gowns and celebrity styling. Women find this pampering photographic experience invigorating! 

However, most moms aren’t going to put pin-up poses in 5 x 7 easel back frames on their bookshelves. Although a large wall portrait might be suitable for a bedroom, a photographic album is a perfect way to get a sneak peek of something a little more private.


Senior Portraits 

At Zookbinders we do see a lot of high school senior albums. The wide variety of imagery from these sessions makes albums a no-brainer. Albums are a great keepsake for parents and students alike. In addition, let’s not forget about getting some replica albums for grandma and grandpa!


Portrait Sessions

From newborns to family portrait sessions, albums are a wonderful accompaniment to the digital files that everyone wants to share. Creating special collections that bring in repeat clients for their annual photo shoot and the album is a great marketing campaign.  

professional wedding albums, Beyond Professional Wedding Albums, Zookbinders
Albums are great for newborn photographers. Keep families coming back for the next volume for all of the baby’s milestones.

VIP Corporate Events 

National companies that host special outings and celebrations for their top team members often hire photographers for the occasion. These often have team-building exercises, special keynote speakers, and award ceremonies. They can also be outdoorsy, black tie, or both! Many companies are looking for ways to spoil their executives with special gifts, and photographic albums are great ways to showcase their achievements.


Occasionally a prospective customer will ask us, “Do you offer,  insert non-wedding activity here – albums?”  Our answer, the pages of a photographic album are yours to fill. Zookbinders goes beyond professional wedding albums. We’ve got an album for every occasion!

Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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