We know how busy Professional Photographers can be during wedding season, and how stressful it is to keep up with editing and other tasks when you’re squeezed for time.

Often times, commitments you made to recent clients (like getting an album started) stall.  Relying on clients to start their album doesn’t always work. It typically takes a bride 4-6 months just to choose her favorite images for her wedding album!  What brides really want is for their photographer to create a gallery FOR THEM of the photos that they recommend for their professional wedding album.

Zookbinders Selection Service | Zookbinders

Imagine what a huge help this would be?

Since we know you’re super busy, Zookbinders can help. Using our Selection Service, we’ll assign an experienced album designer to sort through EVERY edited photo you have and create a gallery of the recommended images. This gives the bride a head start to finalizing the photos she’ll want in her professional wedding album.

Zookbinders Selection Service | Zookbinders

For just $6, Zookbinders selection service keeps the bride engaged, while keeping the stress out for both you and your client.  The bride will receive the same “A+” User Experience that you gave her throughout the wedding. Here’s how it works:

1. Start by uploading all your images from the wedding and let us know how many images you’d like us to select. The number of images you allow your couple to select will be based on your contract.

2. Once you send us all your images, our team of professionals will choose the best ones and pass the order back to you within 1 to 3 days. You can easily add your logo and contact info to personalize the page (think of it as a personal hosting site for the wedding album)

3. Forward a link to your couple and let them look through and approve the pre-selected images.

The biggest benefit of the Zookbinders selection service is that it helps photographers sell more photos which results in making more money. For ONLY $6, regularly helps brides choose 10-20 extra photos per album! Not a bag magic pill!

Zookbinders Selection Service | Zookbinders

Learn more about how this time-saving service can help you and your business at: https://www.zookbinders.com/photo-selection-service/

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