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Why Flush Mount Photo Albums Are So Popular

Flush Mount Photo Albums

There are a lot of printed products available to professional photographers, but the flush-mount wedding album is the most contemporary and appealing. Photographers and wedding couples agree, when it comes to custom photo albums, the seamless presentation of a flush-mount wedding album really elevates the album design. These handcrafted albums are not only beautiful, but their durability makes them a keepsake that will last for generations, which is why flush mount albums are so popular. 

What is a flush mount photo album?

A flush mount photo album allows for single print to be mounted to each side of an album spread without interruption (a spread is the right and left side of an album). First, the photographic print is attached to a mount board, or substrate material, to keep it sturdy. Next, the print is attached “flush” to the edge of each page. Finally, the album pages lay flat when it is opened which is why flush mount albums are so popular.

These albums allow for a beautiful panoramic presentation of an image or design. Images print up to the edge of the pages for a more impactful look. 

Album designs for professional flush-mount wedding albums can be more exciting because the transition from one side of a spread to the other is continuous. There is no gutter, or gap, between pages, so no part of the imagery is lost. This creates a more polished look.

flush mount photo albums are so popular, Why Flush Mount Photo Albums Are So Popular

The drawbacks of not choosing a flush mount photo album. 

A professional wedding album should complement the style, theme, and importance of the wedding day. The album will be looked at after the cake is eaten, the guests are gone and the flowers wilt. Choosing the right wedding album type is important. While there are many nice options, here are some things to consider. 

  • Matted Albums

Matted albums are very traditional and have a classic appeal. However, a matted album has its’ limitations. The number of images and their placement on the pages is restricted because of the construction of the album. The more modern flush mount album allows versatility and allows for the design to flow across each spread.  A digital layout that can use a full spread as the canvas is much better at showcasing all the images from your shot list.

  • Photo Books

Photo books or magazine-style albums are widely available to consumers. In contrast to flush mount albums, they have flexible pages and are typically not printed on professional photographic paper. These albums are often sewn or stapled in the center. Because of this type of binding, any imagery in the center of the page is lost in the middle fold.

This type of book is less appealing for weddings because panoramic images cannot be presented well. Professional photographers also choose flush mount albums over photo books because of the quality of their construction.

Zookbinders popular flush mount album is the Lustre Book.   

Zookbinders Luster Book is the go-to album for any wedding, event or portrait session. It is a flush mount album printed on photographic paper. The pages are 1/32” thick with an option to upgrade to 1/16”. In a 10 x 10 album, a 20 x 20 print is created for each spread. There is no break in the middle. The way that the album is bound together and attached to the cover allows the images to lay flat for a stunning presentation.  

flush mount photo albums are so popular, Why Flush Mount Photo Albums Are So Popular

There is a wide range of creative cover options that can suit a variety of different tastes. The Lustre Book can be very simple with a photo wrap cover for a senior portrait album. However, if you need a more unique wedding album, the Luster Book can be made with a leather spine and an acrylic cover. This album is perfect for a client looking for something a little more high-end. 

When looking for a high-quality wedding album, professional products are the way to go.  The flush mount wedding album is the most popular style because of its lay-flat pages and clean presentation.  Zookbinders’ Lustre Book offers a great option for customization, making it an easy album to offer to all your clients, weddings, and beyond. 

Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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