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Wedding Album Design Service – Reinvest Your Time

wedding album design

A great wedding album design has an impact and tells a story. Every time a couple pages through their professional wedding album they travel back in time. Couples can relive all the details and emotions captured during their celebration. However, for many professional photographers album design is a pain point. Time and cost can be a DYI deterrent.  This is where a wedding album design service can be a huge asset

      Drawbacks of Designing Wedding Albums “In House”:

  • Long turnaround times especially during busy seasons. 
  • Cumbersome design tools, and software learning curves. 
  • It sucks up too much of your time. 
  • Simply not enjoying the task of album design.


Time is Money 

Professional photographers are creative artists and often want to be in control of every aspect of their image delivery. While being passionate is great, there are better ways you utilize your time and talent. Outsourcing tasks that do not create revenue will allow you to work ON your business rather than IN your business. 

Let’s look closer at the wedding album design. Say it takes you five hours to design a simple wedding album. What could you be doing with those five hours rather than sitting in front of the computer? A more advanced album design could take you between 10 and 20 hours? If you are paying yourself, (or someone else,) between $15 and $20 an hour to design an album, where is that cost being recouped? Are you including that $225-$300 for album design in your margins? Even if you really enjoy creating an album layout, you may want to make your custom design services a special add-on or upsell.

Wedding Album Design, Wedding Album Design Service – Reinvest Your Time, Zookbinders
An example of our Simple Design in the Bon a Vie album. Wedding Imagery by RUSH Productions


Outsourcing Album Design 

With the Zookbinders album design service, experienced designers work creatively and efficiently on your projects. Album design is all they do so that you can do something else. Put your newfound time and energy into income generating tasks. Meeting with clients, networking, connecting with vendors, and marketing all need your attention.


      Benefits of Zookbinders’ Professional Wedding Album Design Services: 

  • Album design turnaround in weeks not months. 
  • Three design styles to compliment your clients’ tastes. 
  • Trained designers use software specifically created for modern album layouts.
  • You have more free time!


How to Order 

It’s easy to get started. For a how-to on placing your album design order check out this video: Placing a Design Print & Bind Order. You’ll need to have an account with Zookbinders. You can register for that HERE. 

There are three design styles to choose from, starting at $49. When submitting the design order, photographers can also make notes about preferences. Designers do not use templates, making each layout unique.

 When an album design is complete it is easy to share the design with your client and allow them to submit any changes. About 50% of the designs that are completed do not need any revisions at all. Once the design is approved your album can go right into production. The album can be shipped to your studio or directly to your client. 

Wedding album design services can streamline the process of ordering custom wedding albums. Your couples get uniquely designed keepsake AND a wonderful experience. A  wedding album is a priceless time capsule that clients can enjoy for years to come. At Zookbinders we’re here to help professional photographers offer albums to all their clients. 

Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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