Looking back to when I was a child, there is barely a memory that doesn’t contain my mom and her trusty camera. Whether it was a birthday party, wedding, or even just my annual field trip – the camera was always along for the ride!

I remember the anticipation after dropping the film off at the store and waiting days before being able to see the photos for the first time. When the envelope full of images was ready, we would carefully flip through the glossy images in excitement. Then came my favorite part – my mom would place each image in a photo album and while arranging them we would relive that special day. When we were finished, it would place it on the coffee table for guests to view at our parties and get-togethers so they too could view our adventures. Every time someone new looked through the album we got to relive such wonderful days with our loved ones.

Naturally time passed and the digital world emerged with a vengeance. With all the advantages of being able to see images right away and automatic features on cameras, something special got lost with digital production. The photo albums where we manually placed each image in a plastic pocket began to disappear and were replaced with online digital albums that were created for us. The photos were now being stored in USB devices and storage drives, and suddenly the magical experience of not knowing what a photo would look like until development was gone. It was taken over by digital images that we can delete or edit in a matter of seconds.

With the technology that we have right now it’s easy to get a thousand images for a single celebration – but hard to edit it down to the ones that truly represent the memory of the day. It’s the same way that it’s easy to store five digital images with the same people in it, but difficult to select the best one.

When digital processing became wide-spread and easily accessible to the general public, brides went straight past the high-end photographers with albums attached to packages and into the bookings of photographers who offered “CD-only” packages for ¼ of the price. Sadly, the brides were losing that feeling that I once had as a child – the excitement of being shown the images for the first time, the laughter as we relived the day placing images into a photo album, and being able to narrate the story and the memory over and over again as they flipped through the album at parties.


At Zookbinders, we are on a mission to bring these feelings back! We recommend to all our photographers to set-up an appointment with your brides to show them their wedding images in a large screen environment with a glass of wine – there is nothing more rewarding than seeing their expressions when they relive the memories of their wedding day.

We created our Selection service to recreate the excitement of placing images into an album – only instead of plastic sleeves, we created digital galleries where you can easily check mark the images you love and flip back to Gallery One to view your favorites.

Then, we create a beautiful, high-quality album for your customer that preserves their special day, and something they can share with their family and friends for years, and even generations to come.