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Time Travel & A Big Fat Greek Wedding Album

Big Fat Greek Wedding Album

Georgia walked into the dining room, both arms wrapped around the huge 12×12 Zook Book. The wedding album, swaddled in purple glove leather, made a soft thud as she laid it in the table. The wedding album’s sparkling acrylic cover and shiny, silver gilded pages made it look absolutely magical…and, IT WAS.

Georgia and Mike were married on a summer day in August. For Georgia’s parents, Peter and Nicki the wedding day was a beautiful blur. Music played and vows were made. The Greek tradition of placing the stephana upon the couple’s heads, symbolized their unity. Georgia’s brother, Michael kept the crowns in place as the couple took their first steps as husband and wife. Happy tears were shed. The celebration spilled into the reception. Faces ached with smiles. Speeches were made, glasses clinked and the cake was cut. As the weeks went by, however, the details of the day seemed to soften a bit. Today’s album reveal would change all that.

Nicki, was now perched on the edge of her seat – practically hovering in the air – giddy with excitement. This was such an unexpected surprise! Peter’s eye widened – the 45 spread album was massive.

Georgia opened the album to the first spreads of the girls getting ready and WHHOOOOOOOSHHHH – instant flashback to the wedding day! Hearts were fluttering with energy and excitement. A flurry of bridesmaid buzzed about Georgia in preparation. Tissues, lipsticks and bobby-pins were scattered like confetti.  The heavy haze of perfume and hairspray smelled like flowers and candy!

On the wedding day Nicki’s head was spinning about the preparations. Now, eyes wide, gazing at the beautiful images in the album, an unstoppable smile spread across her face and she was filled 100% GLEE! “Oh Georgia – it’s so pretty!”
The next spread was Mike and the groomsmen.

Donning beards and boutonnieres the guys palled around getting ready.  Buttoned-up and full of laughter, they toasted the man of the hour as they fell into place as the gentlemen of the day.

Peter thought about that day. His role, was the stoic “father of the bride”. Now, looking at the album,  these young men, his new son-in-law, along with his own son Michael, Peter smiled with pride. He could almost hear laughter in the images.

Georgia started to turn the page. “No, no – not yet. I’m not finished looking,” pleaded Nicki.

Her eyes lingering on the images, taking it all in. Finally satisfied, she turned the page.

The next spread was Peter’s first look at his daughter. As the ceremony approached, Peter, suited in tradition was calm and collected. It was a big day, an important day. After today things would be different. His little girl…Peter was excited and a little anxious. And THEN he saw her – for the first time his daughter, the bride. Who was this modern princess? Peter was beaming. He hugged his daughter tightly.

As this first look played out across the album pages Peter gasped…suddenly overcome by the flood of emotions from that very special day. Almost involuntarily he pulled his hand up to cover his mouth. He whispered, “Oh my,” without taking a breath. His eyes glossed over.

Now, without out the suspense of the unknown and the wisdom that the day was an outstanding celebration, all Peter could feel was a surge of JOY rushing through his heart. What a wonderful day – how happy he was for Georgia and Mike !!!! He caught his breath and softened. Nicki, silent for just a moment, touched his shoulder and said. “Oh, you’re crying …” and smiled at him. Photographers – are you FEELING this? It’s TIME TRAVEL! By creating a wedding albums for your clients you have the ability to transport your couples, their friends and family back in time to one of the most incredible days of their lives! Conjuring up the most precious and endearing  memories and emotions. This is your SUPERPOWER. It IS a treasure! And all your couples have to do is open the album to receive all that goodness all over again.  

In the Zookbinders blog 10 Ways to Sell Albums Without Even Trying number four on the list is; Get goosebumps! Paint an emotional picture when talking about the value of albums. Pull out the stops and grab those heartstrings.  If the story above doesn’t make you well up, then check yourself for a pulse – and go create your own story to tell. Reveal your albums to your clients. Record their reactions. Share your emotional album experience.

The power of the wedding album is not only magical, it is PRICELESS.

Picture of Maureen Miller CPP

Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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