4. The Power of the word “Imagine.”

Everyone loves a good story. From our earliest days as children, we all grow accustomed to sitting back and going on an extraordinary journey. It is the same feeling you might get when picking up a book or sitting down for a movie.

The reason we are all willing to “Imagine” is because it does not typically require much or any monetary investment.

The funny thing about the wiring of the human brain is that to our minds, “Imagination = Reality.”

Rather than asking your clients which Custom Photo Album  they would like to buy, ask them to imagine their “Perfect Album.” Describe what it looks like, what they expect to see inside of it, what it feels like in their hands and who is going to enjoy looking at it for years to come.

Most of the time, people are willing to engage in the exercise, and the net result is that once it is in our heads, we all rationalize to ourselves why we need something.

Ever notice a car ad on T.V. and fall in love? Suddenly your old car does not seem as good as it was last week and you are no longer content? You imagined yourself in the new car and started justifying why it is worth replacing what you have with something new.

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5. Tell the “Perfect Story.”

Spend any time around photography conventions, online groups or workshops, and you will quickly learn that there are quite a few ways to go about designing professional photo albums.

One popular way is to double whatever a client orders or included in their booking. Conversely, you might only include what they paid for and nothing more.

The best way is to tell the “Perfect Story, ” and the reason is that it makes sense. Don’t include anything unnecessary and don’t omit what you know is important.

Whenever we see something that perfectly meets our needs, there is a natural response. Gone is the issue of feeling sold something we do not want. Does that mean that we will or can always buy it exactly as presented? No, of course not. However, we do know that the person serving us is watching out for us, cares about us and the offered options that “Make sense.”

It builds good will, and the net result is a happy experience.

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Parting Words

One question I consistently ask myself is “Why do we “as photographers” treat our clients differently that we want to be treated ourselves as consumers?”

When we think about it, our industry is not only service-based but also a luxury. No one needs photography to survive, but the benefits are numerous.

That means that we have got to do a better job communicating the value of what we are offering to help people take the action of buying.

My encouragement is to take a 10,000-foot view and look at how you are doing when it comes to Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action. Then evaluate how you can improve the Perceived Value of the products you offer. Since you are in the “business” of photography, make sure you understand your pricing, the COGS and also the ranges you realistically can sell something. Unlock the power of imaginations and tell the perfect story.

At the end of the day, it is about treating people the way we want to be treated ourselves. It is a balancing act of putting their needs ahead of ours, while entirely believing that what we are selling will benefit them.

It is said, “A good sales person is never 100% out for the best interests of our clients or themselves.” The answer lays somewhere in the middle.

professional photo albums for photographers | zookbinders

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professional photo albums for photographers | zookbinders