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The Difference Between Photo Album Vs. Digital Images

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What are the Differences Between Photo Album Vs. Digital Images?

Many brides tend to undervalue the importance of an album. They think to themselves “I have the files on a disk, so I’m good.” or “I’ll only look at it once so it’s not worth the money.” However, they couldn’t be more wrong.

My sister-in-law recently called my husband and I in sheer excitement! Why? Because her boyfriend had just proposed to her. In between all of the excitement there was talk of dresses, shoes and every idea that comes to a girl’s mind the moment she can “officially” start planning a wedding.  She had a million ideas and was looking to us for where to begin.

After an hour of wonderful wedding conversation, my husband and I hung up the phone and just sat on the couch, so happy for her. All of the joy she was feeling reminded us of our wedding day and all of the love and happiness. The only thing we wanted to do after talking to her was look at our wedding album.

We grabbed our album from the bookshelf it lives on, front and center in our home and snuggled up on the couch reliving all of those beautiful memories. It was one of the most romantic nights and brought such love and emotion to my husband and myself.

The next day, being a pro photographer, it made me think how different of night it would have been if we “snuggled” up next to the computer screen, hunched over in an office chair. Would we have even looked at our photos that night if they weren’t in an album? Probably not.

Albums are not just a piece of printed paper that hold some photographs, they are memories. They are all of the emotion, love and joy of a wedding preserved in a beautifully bound album that when opened, bring all of those feelings back to life. Weddings are meant to be remembered so that when your future sister, sister-in-law, best friend, daughter or granddaughter get engaged you can not only share the album with them, you can relive it yourself.

It is our job, as photographers, to help our clients understand the value of an album. Before letting our brides brush off the album, we need to fight for the sale; Not just to make money, but to help your bride cherish her wedding for a lifetime. They may not truly realize how much they love having one until years later, but when they do, they will be very glad that their photographer pushed for it.

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Tori Hionis

Tori Hionis

My favorite things are creating art and making memories. This passion has lead me to wear many hats over 8 years at Zookbinders, all of which center around helping our photographers grow their business. I’ve been a photographer for 15 years and love spending every day looking at beautiful images from photographers, like you.

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