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Taking Bets on Regrets

Professional Wedding Album | Zookbinders

Detroit area photographer and FOZ (Friend Of Zookbinders) Brian Masserman of Masserman Photography shared with me a new twist on a familiar sales situation. Not long ago, Brian was doing a consultation with a bride-to-be who was looking for ways to cut costs on her photography by going for a digital only package instead of getting a professional wedding album. Now Brian is a veteran of the industry and knows how important providing albums is to both his client’s satisfaction and his own referral pipeline. Rather than folding like a lawn chair in the face of this objection, Brian was prepared with all the reasons why photo albums are important:

  • “That thumb drive won’t last forever and could even get lost”  (check).  
  • “Hundreds of digital images don’t tell stories. Albums tell stories” (check).
  • “You say you’ll make your own wedding album someday soon when you can better afford it–but you won’t” (check)
  • “What will there be for you to pass down to your children and grandchildren?” (check)

That’s when the conversation took an interesting turn. Our budget conscious bride-to-be responded that her mom has a professional wedding album but she never takes it out and looks at it. “That might be, but I’ll bet she doesn’t regret getting one,” was Brian’s reply. He could tell by her reaction that the bride was still skeptical.  “I’ll tell you what,” Brian pressed on, “why don’t you call your mom right now and ask her whether or not she regrets getting a professional wedding album. I’ll bet she doesn’t, and if I’m wrong, I’ll shoot your wedding free of charge and give you all the digital files. But if I’m right, you take your mom’s advice and go with the album package.” At that she pulled out her phone and putting her mom on speaker asked her the all important question. Without any hesitation her mom replied, “Oh honey, of course I don’t regret getting an album! Those are our wedding pictures in there!” The happy ending to the story is that everyone got what they wanted. Brian got his booking, and although the wedding hasn’t taken place yet, our bride-to-be now has the promise of a priceless heirloom she and her future husband can pass down to their children and grandchildren. Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

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