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(From Photography Talk) Wedding Photographers Have Something to be Excited About

We appreciate all the reviews we get from customers and photography organizations so we are publishing here an article that Photography Talk shared on their website three weeks ago. It talked about, of course, our album of the hour – the Bon a’ Vie.

The wedding photography market is a huge one, by far the largest of the photography industry. No matter where you live in the world, people will get married according to local tradition or in a completely different way. They will have big weddings with hundreds of guests, or small intimate receptions with just a few close family members and friends. The point is that a couple’s wedding is one of the most important moments in their lives and it is one that demands to be documented and stored in a unique way. If you own a wedding photography business, you know by now that no matter how good your photos are, if the presentation is wrong, your business and your clients both have to suffer.

There is no better way to store someone’s precious memories than a photo album. No matter how much times change and how far technology advances, the intimate ritual of a newlywed and her mother going through the album will always be special.

A quality photo album is something your clients expect and deserve and if you are serious about your wedding photography business, this is one aspect you don’t want to be sloppy about. That album will be in the family for future generations to enjoy and relive the memories and that is something invaluable.


professional photo albums for photographers | zookbindersThere are tons of options when it comes to photography albums. Different paper, different covers and all kinds of layouts, but overall most look the same. It seems as if the entire industry has lost the creativity and will to come up with something new and revolutionary. That was until recently.

I’ve stumbled upon the Bon a’ Vie wedding albums and I never went back since. These unique photo albums have a special design with French-door style covers and pages that turn out from the center. This truly is a one of a kind story telling experience.

They are available in three sizes and 24 colors, including a “Little Black Collection” of six different designs and textures. The pages are printed on premium quality Kodak Endura Paper which has a gloss coating for extra visual impact and protection over time.



professional photo albums for photographers | zookbindersYou and your clients have 8 cover design choices to choose from and the lay-flat pages are easy to view, making the overall experience highly enjoyable.

You can also offer your clients replica parent albums in a 6×6 or 8×8 as Photobooks (press printed) or Lustre Books (Kodak printed). Bon a’ Vie albums are cutting edge albums for clients with high demands who are looking for something special, something different that’s not available anywhere else. They are available through Print & Bind and Design, Print & Bind service.

Not only will presenting your work with Bon a’ Vie albums put you in a very select segment of the market, it will also help your photos stand out and receive the proper presentation they deserve.

I highly recommend Bon a’ Vie albums for every wedding photographer who wants to incorporate a special service in their business but also for anyone who wants to store and share their visual memories in a unique way.