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Senior Portrait Albums


If you photograph high school seniors your calendar will soon be filling up with spring sessions for the class of 2023, and summer and fall sessions for the class of 2024. Senior portrait sessions usually combine a variety of outfits and locations, which means many images to choose from. Offering a professional senior portrait album with your portrait sessions is a great way to showcase the images you’ve created to celebrate the new graduate. 


High School Seniors are a Big Deal!

High school graduation is a pivotal time in a young person’s life. Plans are being made for the future which may include going to college, moving away, beginning a new career or trade, or even taking a gap year. High school graduation marks the accomplishment of completing 12+ years of education, participating in activities, and forming lasting friendships. Creating imagery for an album that documents this time is a great memento.  Senior portrait albums truly make time stand still. 


What’s included in high school graduation portrait sessions has changed over time. Traditional school portrait collections include a few 8x10s, a variety of gift-size prints, and tons of wallets for announcements.  Many schools offer a graduation picture day, however for a more personalized experience, many look to professional photographers who specialize in senior portraits. They also expect a wide variety of product options. 


Digital photography has delivered so much flexibility regarding what can be offered to seniors and their families.  Students love digital images, and while mom and dad may like to show off on social media, keepsakes like prints and albums are in high demand. 

Senior Portrait Albums, Senior Portrait Albums
An EZ Book with a photowrap cover is a simple yet modern way to show off all the favorite images from a senior session.


Collections with Albums


Pre-selling collections with senior portrait albums included makes it easy to plan for what comes next. Doing a senior portrait session and initially only committing to digital files is fine,  but it may be challenging to offer a larger ticket item after the initial sale. After the download, the transaction and interaction can feel complete.  

When a client chooses a collection with an album they then have the experience of collaborating with you on their projects. Planning the wardrobe, locations, and studio sets gets customers excited about the final product. They are anticipating what the finished album will look like, not just downloading their images. 

Pre-selling allows you to customize and upgrade after the final images are viewed.  There should always be room to add more. If this feels sales-y that’s because it is. Allowing your clients to learn how to make their purchase even better is selling, and it’s helpful. 

Senior Portrait Albums, Senior Portrait Albums
This Lustre Book has been customized with a leather spine and photo cover to complement this high school senior’s style.

Create a set of collections with “good, better, best” in mind.  Pricing and names here are just for example. Be sure that you are covering your CODB and paying yourself as well. 


The Simple Collection: $595

Portrait Session; in Studio Or Outdoors

One Outfit

An 8×8 Brag Book with 15 Images (EZ BOOK)

Digital Copies for Social Media Sharing of all Printed Images

$50 Print Credit


  • This collection is a nice starting point with plenty of opportunities to upgrade. It’s also suitable for a grad who really wants to keep it low-key. 


The Variety Collection: $795

Portraits Session; in Studio Or Outdoors

Two Outfits

A 10×10 Brag Book with 20 Images (EZ BOOK)

Digital Copies for Social Media Sharing of all Printed Images

$100 Print Credit


  • This collection should be the go-to for many clients. There are lots of easy upgrades too!


The Graduate Collection $995

One Combo Session:  In Studio AND Outdoors

Four Outfits

A 10×10 Varsity Album with 25  Images (LUSTER BOOK)

Digital Copies for Social Media Sharing of all Printed Images

50 Graduation announcements

$150 Print Credit


  • This “best” collection has all the bells and whistles, but there is still an opportunity for upgrades. 


Upgrade Options:

  • Additional Images 
  • Additional Outfits
  • Additional Locations
  • Upgraded Digital Copies to full Resolution Images with Copyright Release
  • Upgrade to a larger Brag Book (EZ Book)
  • Upgrade to a Varsity (Luster Book)
  • Customize Varsity Album Cover
  • Add Announcements
  • Purchase Prints and Wall Art
  • Add Frames


Adding professional albums to high school senior sessions is a great way to be sure your clients get all the images that they love. The best way to show off the products that you offer is with studio sample albums. Zookbinders offers 50% off samples so that you can have senior portrait albums to show clients when they book their session. 

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Maureen Miller CPP

Contributor to Marketing & Client Experience at Zookbinders. Professional photographer for 25+ years. An advocate for making money and doing what you love. My motto, ”Photography is a BIG DEAL!”

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