Any company that’s offering an album design service must, first and foremost, be able to tell a good story… for an event that they didn’t attend! While this is a skill we’ve honed over the years, it’s important to share the 3 goals we set to accomplish when we launched our album design service in 2012:

1) Creative Designs: We offer 2 styles of design (Simple and Contempo) which appealed to radically different clients. This later expanded into a 3rd design style, and there are now many iterations of the 3 styles as photographers have asked us to customize their “look”.

Album design service | Zookbinders

2) Competitive Pricing: We knew that in order for photographers to “let go”, that the pricing had to be right.  I’m proud to say that price is usually a pleasant surprise when we start designing for a new client.

3) Better Communication: Prior to designing photo albums, when we asked photographers about their pain points, they shared that designing photo albums is time consuming, but that the most frustrating part was the inability to communicate revisions and changes effectively. We heard horror stories of email exchanges with photos copy pasted etc. and knew that we had to do something.

Album design service | Zookbinders

Our “design service” is really a “service” that includes design and facilitates 3-way communication between the photographer, the client and Zookbinders. When we send you an email with a link to the design, your client is able to enter their revisions for each page.  This info gets saved, which minimized the amount of time photographers have to spend communicating changes back to us.

In fact, we’re planning on taking this one-step further during the year: We’ve been asked repeatedly if we can “just deal direct with my client re: revisions”, and the answer is we’re working on it. Stay tuned for news of this and other enhancements to the album design service.

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