Throughout our 23 years in business, we’ve changed our tagline and marketing messaging a few times, but highlighting our album quality has always been a part of the message.

In 2018, we’re getting almost as much love about our services (Selection and Album Design), as we are about the quality of our albums, so we felt it was time to update our new tagline. 


Professional Wedding Album | Zookbinders

You’ll also see messaging with the phrase: “Go Beyond”,

Here’s why we’re making the change: For today’s photographer, getting from “shoot to album” can be a stressful process. Culling and Editing can be a difficult, as is waiting for clients to choose their photos. This is why we’ve taken the lead in simplifying the process from Shoot to Album.

Professional Wedding Album | Zookbinders

We know how difficult it can be for your clients to view 1000+ photos, and choose their favorites, so we give them a head start – here’s how savvy photographers are now managing their album workflow:

1.   Shoot your wedding.

2. Upload ALL (yes we said all) your images to Zookbinders (note: if you work with Zenfolio, we can pull the images directly from their galleries).

3.   Our team will view them all, and create a gallery of recommended images for their wedding album!

4.   When your client approves the photos, we can start your wedding album design.

5.   After the layout is approved, order your hand-crafted wedding album.

Professional Wedding Album | Zookbinders
Professional Wedding Album | Zookbinders

That’s it! Before you know it, your client will have their professional wedding album, and sing your praises with 5 star reviews!  Let our team of professionals do the work so you can do more of what you love. Zookbinders is here to help you “Go Beyond” – which you’ll also start seeing in our Marketing messaging – it’s aspirational, and refers to the services we now offer.  

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