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Albums Increase in Value, Unlike Some Other Things…

Professional photo albums

To increase value, money is invested, memories are printed, in professional photo albums of course! The difference between an investment and any other purchase is that investments are made with the hope that they will generate income or increase in value over time. Stocks, bonds and real property fall into this category. But outside of some collectible pieces, most other purchases don’t meet that definition. Now, how could a professional photo album be different from all of these material things? A new car loses value the instant you drive it out of the showroom, and It’s unusual for appliances to last more than ten years, how about the TV shown in the accompanying photo here? I’m sure it’s former owner plunked down the better part of a week’s wages to take it home. Now, not all that many years later it can’t be sold or even given away. Let’s just face it, material things lose value over time, the only material things that last long are those combined with the intangibles, but how? Now that’s where photo albums come in. Wedding and event photographers, here’s where you rock. You’re in the memory business. And if you’re making professional photo albums for your clients, you’re making something for them that’s increasing in value with each passing day. Now sure, it cannot be resold for more than they paid you for it, but it will never be found in the trash either. You see, memories are an investment of a more human sort. Our memories make us who we are. As such, they are worth more to us than so many other things we might spend our hard earned money on. No one ever sat down with an old laptop computer and had a smile on their face. The family never gathers around an old microwave oven to remember grandma. Point is, has there ever been a photo album opened without stories behind it’s photos? photographers, it’s your job to explain the REAL value of what you can create for your clients. By documenting their “todays” you’ll enrich their tomorrows. They’ll never regret nor likely even remember what they paid you for it.

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