Every one of your clients has an invisible sign on their head that says: “make me feel important”. When couples hire a professional photographer, they’re not only looking for great images showcased on wedding albums, they’re looking for an experience. So give it to them!

We’re seeing a trend back to “the reveal” in which the photographer meets with the couple “to present” or “reveal” the edited images to be used for their wedding albums. Here’s how successful photographers are “revealing” in 3 easy steps:

1 – Just prior to photographing the event, they schedule a meeting with the client for 2 weeks after the event to “deliver the images”. This sets expectations for the client, and holds the photographer accountable to get the images edited quickly for immediate viewing or printing for a photo album

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2 – The photographer then shows the best images using the Zookbinders Selection site and gives the client a quick test-drive of the site showing them how to choose their professional photo album’s images. They’ll remind the client of how many images were in their photo album contract and mention how hard it will be not to add photos , which tees up the upsell.

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3 – The photographer then switches gear and informs the client that they can purchase “wall art” of their favorite photos. This includes: large canvas’, frames and other unique display pieces beyond basic prints. It’s important to show products that are unique and that can’t be easily purchased online or through a retail outlet.

Photo Album | Zookbinders

Lastly, the client is informed that they have 2 weeks to finalize the photos they want in their wedding photo album (a little pressure here is good), so that they can have their finished wedding album within 2-3 months. (helping them get their professional wedding album quickly will lead to bigger orders and more referrals).

Photographers that regularly do reveals share that 50% of the brides are buying wall art during the “reveal”, and that more than 50% are adding images to their wedding albums.   If you can increase revenue by $500 for wall art and another $150 with more photo album photos, that’s a $650 increase half the time, or an average of $325 per event.  If your net margin on the “upsells” is 70%, you can expect to net an additional $225 profit per job; not bad for 1-2 hours of “work”, while giving your client the experience they seek.

Are you doing reveals?  Please share your story.

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