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Look At Zook – September Edition

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zook, Look At Zook – September Edition

Being busy is GREAT, but it can also be overwhelming!

Time management is essential for success as a professional photographer. We’ve got tips for managing time, delegating tasks, and taking care of your self during busy times.

Managing Your Workload.


zook, Look At Zook – September Edition

Fall Portrait Albums

It’s almost sweater weather, so get out your pumpkin spice and start planning for fall portrait sessions! An album is the perfect portfolio for all that beautiful fall foliage.

Fall Portrait Albums


zook, Look At Zook – September Edition

How Much is That?

Knowing your cost and setting your profit margins is essential to sustaining a business. Zookbinders has a handy pricing calculator in your pro-account to help add up all those spreads and cover options.

Using the Pricing Calculator


zook, Look At Zook – September Edition

Engagement Session Ideas

Engagement sessions are a great way to get to know your clients and be a little creative. Personalizing these sessions makes a great experience for the couple and creates great images for a sign-in book.

Engagement Session Ideas

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