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Inspire Follow Up

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At the Inspire Photography Retreat this week in Rhode Island, hundreds of photographers came together to learn Craft, sharpen their Vision and build their Business in order to provide a better life for themselves and their families. At Zookbinders we share the same goals, which is why we supported the retreat through our sponsorship. Our daily mission is to help photographers tell their stories, to help them escape the trap of churn and burn and give their clients what they truly want: their precious memories of life’s greatest moments preserved. Albums are one of the linchpins to providing that kind of service, but more importantly to the busy lives of photographers, Zookbinders offers expertise and guidance in all aspects of album sales. Our sales support staff can help you with:

  • Sharpening your sales consultations to focus on your value as a storyteller
  • Creating price lists and collections that leverage photo albums
  • Setting reasonable profit margins for albums
  • Choosing the right sample albums to match your clients and their budget
  • Post production options that are painless

Get started on a more successful 2017 by reaching out to Matt or Maureen, our sales support specialists and ask them what Zookbinders can do for you and your business.


Matt Feikes 847 291-3935



Maureen Miller 847 291-3947


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